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Zimbabwe is unstable and ‘nobody can fix it’

Inflation is pricing goods out of most peoples’ salaries, while the fuel price has increased three times in the last 10 days.

The economic situation in Zimbabwe continues to worsen, with ordinary folk there struggling to make ends meet. The country has around 80% unemployment and has recently put a halt on foreign currency being used, as it tries to get citizens to use the Zimbabwean dollar. Inflation is racing ahead with basic goods, like cooking oil and sugar, becoming unaffordable for the local population. 

Nompu Siziba speaks with Peta Thornycroft, a reporter at the Daily Telegraph about the situation on the ground.

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You wanted liberation, now take it

And the lesson is….appreciate your minority citizens – they know how to fix things like economies, education, farming, social services…
Here endeth the lesson.

PS. Please do not delete this message like the last one – I’m entitled to an opinion!

The whole country was structured to meet the needs of just one man. Bob

How’s that working out? Well Bob’s fine in a Malaysian hospital so that’s actually no problem.

And I’m still voting Zanu PF.

There are massive parallels to South Africa where all that matters are the interests of looters and those (like the unions) who can keep them in power.

And our man in the street – he’s still voting ANC

NO man, you do not even have to put special “apreciation” for these other,

Just treat everybody the same!!!
but I was going to say

Should have read “Africa is unstable, and nobody can fix it”

the golden thread = invasion of white farms = land expropriation without compensation.

“and nobody can fix it”,,, seat back, relax and watch attentively while the zimbos fix the situation for themselves. everyone is welcome to participate as the mantra goes, “zim is open for business”. if you do not have $$ to invest, like the majority whining here and other prophets of doom, please stay out with your negativity and pessimism while the zim indigent fix the situation up there.

Are you trolling, or serious?

He is probably serious. It takes about 1000 years for zimbos to fix their economy…or wait for the Chinese to takeover

Holding our collective breaths.

of course an Economy can be rebuild after total collapse….Britain, Japan etc. or even from total scratch…Israel, but seemingly obvious depends on the intellect of it citizens?

CIO troll – no doubt

On the upside, Zimbabwe will hit bottom (again) and then rebuild (again) from there. It can’t sink much deeper. There are easier ways to achieve economic freedom, but if you want to do it the really hard and time consuming way then you can too.

Zim circa 1981 and South Africa circa 1994 started with similar incredible industrial and human capital bases. One is already on the rubbish dump the other is mid-air on its way there. There is one common denominator, only one …

The common denominator between the demise of Zimbabwe and South Africa is just one thing……corrupt and inept leadership!

Even though Zanu-PF has cheated with every election since 1980, enough people voted for it to stay in power. The people has voted for this mess, again!

Also, the opposition and overseas election observers did not insist that overseas Zimbabweans vote in the last election. Nobody is taking responsibility.

End of comments.



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