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Let Wierzycka deal with authorities – Dr Iqbal Survé

Chairman of Sekunjalo explains the extortion charges laid against the Sygnia CEO.

CEO of listed asset manager Magda Wierzycka told Moneyweb on Wednesday that the extortion charges laid against her by AEEI and its CEO Khalid Abdulla are laughable and merely a PR stunt to distract attention away from the troubles at AYO Technologies, one of the group’s companies.

Listen to that interview here

Dr Iqbal Survé, chairman of Sekunjalo Investments, joins the Classic Business Breakfast with Moneyweb to share the other side to the matter. Survé says Wierzycka has lied to the public. 

Read: Sygnia CEO speaks out on attempted extortion charges

Moneyweb producers have reached out to CEO of AEEI Khalid Abdulla for his right of reply, which will be published as it happens.

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That’s rich IckySoft Survé, about the authorities dealing with Magda. The authorities are going to deal with you much more sharply when you can’t pay back the PIC for your newspaper experiment. A nice cell with a few numbers gang members may jog you away from your hallucinations and petty posturing

Yes, Iqbal, Magda will deal with the authorities, and while she is doing that, you take the time to tell us how you are going to pay back the PIC?

Is Khalid our Iqbals brother in law? What a coincidence! In any decent country with the rule of law our Iqbal would be in Sun City or its local Cape equivalent. But then we have a Supreme Court that is struggling terribly with this irritating thing called the law. Look at Prof Pierre de Vos statement on the anti zionist judgement and the disgraceful condonement of scandalous unprofessional conduct by a split bench-3 judges said scandalous conduct is fine-2 said its not-go look at the surnames……of the judges.

No wonder our adorable Iqbal can conduct himself the way he has with the NPA in chaos!

Iqbal, there is nothing wrong with oversight ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE USING AND ABUSING PIC MONEY.

Answer this…. How would you like it if your pension fund had Billions if Rands of right downs?

Iqbal has finally run out of road and friends. Your time is up and you have been shown up to be a desperate hypocrite. Good luck I know who occupies the moral high ground and it isn’t you.

Let’s be honest, Dr Iqbal Surve is one of the greatest men to have ever lived………….according to Dr Iqbal Surve.

Well he WAS Mandela’s personal physician (cough), or was that Carl Niehaus, can never quire remember

Icky Soft Surve has distinguished his career by being everyone’s favorite clown. Or should that be extinguished?

You lay criminal charges against a CEO of a company in which you have have invested R50 million. Astute investor? Doubtful, at the very least, that Warren Buffett (or any sensible investor) would invest in a company who they have any, let alone a lot of faith in. Maybe if he has shorted the shares of Sygnia, but not if he is long. Then you wish them “everything of the best”. Sincere people are easily recognisable by anyone on the street with any social skills. Sincerity is of course a widely admired attribute.

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