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How to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act

Join an upcoming webinar on what is required going forward.

The Protection of Personal Information Act (Popia) has been signed into law and aims to safeguard the personal information of individuals and organisations. Companies have to consider what the act means for business and what type of measures must be to put in place across various areas to ensure compliance with the act.

To address concerns around the act and provide further insight into what it requires, Ahmore Burger-Smidt, head of Data Privacy at Werksmans Attorneys, will join Moneyweb for an exclusive webinar on July 23. 

Some other points to be discussed are listed below as follows:

  • Consent: What constitutes as legal consent to receiving communication from organisations and what steps organisations need to take in order comply with Popia legislation.
  • Legitimate interest: In terms of this lawful basis of use, it is lawful for a supplier to use personal information for direct marketing purposes, if the marketing is in the legitimate interests of the supplier. Ahmore will explore what legitimate interest constitutes as, given that it is not clearly defined by the law.
  • CCTV cameras: What the law says regarding the protection of privacy of an individual concerning CCTV cameras in public areas and steps to be taken for these companies to comply with the law.
  • Contracts: What is actually required going forward.

Join this live webinar on Tuesday, July 23 at 11h00. Register here.

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Maybe this law will eventually put a stop to illiterate fools calling at inconvenient times with their opening gambit …”hello how are you”?

If only it would put an end to unsolicited sms’s, emails, and invasive marketing nonsense on websites. Not sure who POPIA was supposed to protect but it certainly isn’t the recipient of all these invasive messages and phone calls.

“Hello, am I speaking to Bob123?”
“Hello. I was in the bath. This better be important.”
“Is that Bob123 speaking?”
“Who are you and where are you calling from?”
“My name is (unintelligible) and I am calling from PlusMobile on behalf of Vodatel from MangoRipe666 call centre…”

I feel your pain.

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