FSPs: Earn FAIS CPD points here

With the May 31 deadline looming for financial professionals to earn their CPD points, Moneyweb has a solution.
FSPs have a May 31 deadline to accumulate sufficient CPD points. Picture: Shutterstock

The May 31 deadline for financial service providers (FSPs) to accumulate mandatory continuous professional development (CPD) points is fast approaching.

As FIA national manager for compliance Joe Kotzé explains, members of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA) and/or the Financial Planning Institute (FPI), must complete CPD activities to retain their professional designations.

The number of points required varies according to the FSP.

The 12-month Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) CPD cycle runs from June 1 to May 31, with this year’s cycle the first where accumulating sufficient points is mandatory in order for FSPs to retain their professional accreditations. The pressure is on.

The Moneyweb CPD Hub seeks to address this urgency, delivering high-quality FAIS-accredited CPD content, that’s cost-effective and easily accessible from your phone, tablet or PC, online or offline.

Moneyweb has partnered with accredited IOBSA and FPI CPD service provider and registered FSP Black Onyx, which powers the system, and creates relevant videos, podcasts, eBooks, and newsletters from asset managers and industry stakeholders on investing, wealth management, financial planning and regulation.

There are 18+ CPD points available; one hour is equivalent to one CPD point, and this is tracked on the system. To earn verifiable CPD points, you must subscribe to one of five packages – ranging from basic to advanced corporate packages for multiple users – then complete an assessment based on the content you’ve watched or read at the end of each module. You must achieve at least 60% to pass, within three attempts.

Verifiable CPD Certificates for each mini-course are generated online for download. Basic users will only receive individual certificates, while optimal, corporate or platinum users will receive a monthly scorecard and a comprehensive, complete CPD certificate documenting all the complete mini-courses.

Click here to visit The Moneyweb CPD Hub, watch the video below for more information, and try the free trial here.



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It should also be compulsory for politicians to complete CPD points with a certain number being in the ethics category, just like the financial service providers.

Thanks for this Moneyweb especially Black Onyx – It would be great to have more than 20 odd points of content available for the next cycle – i.e say 50 CPD points available – as a lot of the content is not applicable/ or is not new knowledge to some of us that need the points

This is a novel CPD concept attracting multiple service providers and industry stakeholders to collaborate in the generation of valuable and informative CPD content, not limited to investing. BLACK ONYX comes from an investing background and is working closely with the insurance sector and professional networks in support of financial professionals not limited to FAIS requirements – Andrew Ludwig, director of BLACK ONYX

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