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Sars to prosecute taxpayers who don’t file returns

About 30 million returns outstanding at March 31.

The South African Revenue Service and National Prosecuting Authority will prosecute taxpayers who fail to submit returns.

This includes “prominent South Africans,” the revenue service said in an emailed statement on Monday. Taxpayers owed SARS about 30 million returns at March 31, its records show.

The move to prosecute people failing to submit returns is part of a shake-up at the revenue service after President Cyril Ramaphosa removed Tom Moyane as commissioner last month. Under-collection of taxes increased under Moyane and he clashed with former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan over plans of a management and systems overhaul at SARS.

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene said on April 3 the increase in outstanding returns shows a deterioration in tax compliance and will be addressed. The Treasury in February reported a revenue shortfall of R48 billion ($4 billion) for the 2018 fiscal year.

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Good idea. Start with one JG Zuma who (according to more than one source apparently) failed to file returns for multiple years. Only when you’re done with him will you be allowed to proceed against other taxpayers. Off you go.

What does SARS expect? Blatant evasion of tax by connected individuals will inevitably lead to a contagion of similar behaviour from us minions. To correct that will require publicised action against prominent tax evaders. If that doesn’t happen it will be game over. I wonder how it is possible to follow up on 30 million non returns.

S.A. citizens are still considering if the winds of change in S.A. politics to bring about urgent changes and clamping down on wasteful expenditure and blatant fraud are for real and lasting, before tax compliance will be rectified (irrespective of administrative fines). This is unfortunately the result of citizens revolting against a prolonged bad government under the Jacob gang-leader. This is a way of saying “not in my name and not with my tax monies”.

500,000.00 taxpayers and 30,000,000.00 outstanding returns somehow the math’s don’t add up!!

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