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Tax Ombud’s request to investigate tax refund delays approved

Sars welcomes investigation.

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Revenue Service (Sars) has welcomed the investigation into tax refund delays and said it would fully cooperate after the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, officially gave the green light for the Tax Ombud’s proposed probe into the matter.

“Given the recent narrative about the issue of refunds, we are confident that the results of this investigation will provide the South African public with the requisite confidence in Sars’ systems,” it said on Monday.

The Tax Ombud, Judge Bernard Ngoepe, requested Gordhan to approve an investigation into the issue of tax refund delays as a systemic issue earlier in March. Some tax experts have argued that such an investigation should have been done a long time ago and have called for it to be broadened. Procedural issues also seem to be a growing concern.

Recent media reports have fuelled speculation that Sars may be withholding refunds to meet internal targets. A delay in the payment of refunds can place significant cash-flow strain on taxpayers, particularly small businesses.

Sars has maintained that tax refund delays only affect a small percentage of taxpayers.

“It is in the interest of Sars and the public to finally find closure and finality to this issue,” Sars said.

“Much of the current taxpayer complaints pertain to VAT refunds. It must [be] highlighted that Sars has an obligation to ensure both service and compliance, which includes complying with the legislation and ensuring that all incorrect activities are managed correctly, which could include fraud.”

Due to the increase in fraud, it has had to react by tightening its Risk Rules, Sars said.

“Despite such actions Sars has only referred 11% of cases for detailed audit.”

With regard to personal income tax payments, 98.2% is paid within 72 hours, it said.

During a previous interview Ngoepe said the request to investigate the issue was prompted by the number and value of complaints and the demand from taxpayers and other stakeholders.

He said the guiding principle was not to prolong any investigation and gave the assurance that the matter would be dealt with in an objective, fair and constructive manner.



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The tax ombud has let me down badly on two occasions recently. I wanted to get their official complaint form and their website said “in box full try again later”. After about 5 more tries, they sent me the form. But it was BLANK – I suspect whoever scanned it put it on the platen upside down.
On the second occasion, where I wanted a form for my daughter to complain that she could not make an inward payment to SARS, but was unable to do so, the tax ombud said this was was not an administrative matter and referred me back to SARS. Yet another government department cock-up.

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