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20 killed in school minibus crash

Truck collides with taxi carrying children from school.

A driver and 19 school children were killed in South Africa when the minibus they were travelling in collided with a truck and exploded in a ball of fire in Mpumalanga province, emergency services said on Friday.

The vehicle was ferrying children from school when it collided with the truck between the towns of Verena and Bronkhorstpruit, northeast of the capital Pretoria, Russel Meiring, ER24 spokesman said.

Several children were injured, he said.

The dead children lay trapped inside the burnt out shell of the vehicle that stood on its side, he said.

It was not clear what caused the collision, police said.

“The (minibus) was transporting learners from school and it collided with the truck and caught fire,” Mpumalanga police spokesman Gerald Sedibe said. He said the minibus driver was killed, while the truck driver survived.

Even though it is Africa’s most industrialised economy with a modern road network, South Africa has a dire road safety record. Road deaths rose to 235 during this year’s Easter weekend compared with 156 fatalities last year, transport officials said earlier on Friday.


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How many kids were in the minibus if several were injured and 19 died? How can a bus “explode in a ball of fire”? Did the minibus also carry some containers with highly flammable liquid?

This is sad that this happen to the innocent.
Itit all comes back to the age old. In SA the “rule of law” is almost non excitant. The most basic and life saving rules, like the “basic rules on road use” has no respect.

Society is busy to develop into a uncontainable and lawless group, with no containment on this situation by police, traffic police, metro police and government.

No use to go out in force to constrain road deaths during peak seasons, but the rest off the time its a all go for the lawless. Again we are back at the lack of “education”, respect to the “rule of law” and the absence of a “government”. Only we as society can transform this situation.

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