Agrizzi tainted by racist slur

Former Bosasa COO says he used a derogatory term during a meeting because he was threatened and under pressure.
Justice Zondo said Agrizzi’s comments were deeply offensive and unacceptable, but it would not deter him from considering his evidence. Picture: Neil McCartney, Citizen

A former Bosasa executive who’s been testifying how the South African services company paid millions of rand in bribes to secure state contracts used a racist slur to refer to two black colleagues, undermining attempts to portray himself as a whistle-blower who had the nation’s best interests at heart.

Angelo Agrizzi, who quit as Bosasa’s chief operating officer in 2016, told a judicial commission he used the derogatory term during a meeting at his house because he had been threatened and was under extreme pressure.

An edited tape of the meeting was leaked on social media in an attempt by the main shareholders of the company, since renamed African Global Operations, to discredit him after it emerged that he intended coming clean about its illicit dealing, Agrizzi said. He apologized for the remarks.

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The panel, headed by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, was set up to probe the theft of taxpayer funds during former President Jacob Zuma’s tenure. While Zondo said Agrizzi’s comments were deeply offensive and unacceptable, they would not deter him from considering his evidence.

Agrizzi has implicated several top African National Congress officials in alleged graft during the inquiry, including Zuma and Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane.

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IF, you’ve read a book called, ‘things they say behind your back’, you will not be surprised by this ‘revelation’, but what is interesting is to look at who is releasing a tape? and for what purpose. Why now? The motive is not to help anyone, because if they wanted to do that they would have released the tape and provided it to the relevant authorities long ago. Their singular motive is to undermine the credibility of Angelo, who has revealed that Zuma was being prostituted to corrupt individuals and that he was selling not only his soul but also that he had put the country on the auction block. Notice what they have not done, they have not voluteered to respond seriously to the charges. Why because they can’t, because Angelo has the goods on them. Also notice they have not, challenged any of the allegations he has made. Again you have to ask why? You get the picture? They are desperate, and they want to pull the race card unfairly on this gentleman and prejudice the public against him. The public must not be fooled. Let he who has no sin, throw the first stone. Where are the tapes where they are using racial slurs? Do you believe that these crooks are such angels and god fearing people not to speak ill of black people. Get the hell out of here! I chose Angelo any day of the week and twice on sunday, if he is willing to repent and tell the truth.

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