ANC to reimburse state for Zimbabwe trip

We traveled in an unusual manner and profusely humble ourselves where we went wrong: Ace Magashule.
Image: Waldo Swiegers, Bloomberg

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress will reimburse the government for a trip that members of the party took on an air force jet to Zimbabwe last week.

ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule led the 10-member delegation to Zimbabwe to discuss what could be done to resolve that country’s economic and political crisis. The opposition Democratic Alliance said the use of the military plane constituted an abuse of taxpayer funds.

“We traveled in an unusual manner and profusely humble ourselves where we went wrong,” Magashule said in a statement on Tuesday. The officials will reimburse the government “for the costs incurred on behalf of our delegation,” he said.

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday ordered a report about the flight. The delegation traveled with Defense Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, who had permission to travel to Zimbabwe for talks with her counterpart.

Magashule also said the members of the ANC have been placed under quarantine, in line with South African lockdown regulations. The Johannesburg-based Sunday Times reported that some of the party officials failed to self-isolate themselves when they returned from the trip.

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hahaha. The Africa farce continues . Only in Africa. So the ANC must use tax money to pay the ANC government whose only source funds is that same taxes which it paid to the ANC party.

If they did not self-isolate could they be charged criminally? Like so many South African’s were who broke regulations?

No respect for Cyril these people.

They do what they want as they know he wont do anything as usual. They even make the excuse for him.


The “glorious movement” has ended up with the dogs.


What a joke. The only reason why this is being done is because they were “caught out”.
Hey cANCEr, earn some credibility and show us the evidence of some real and serious disciplinary action.
Another case conveniently swept under the carpet with words.

Are we still awaiting any investigation into ‘how is it that with a lockdown in place, did Ace and his ANC party partiers manage to travel into Zimbabwe?’ Then we can see whether his studied and seemingly profuse apology means anything. Or is this the same as that inexplicable and unexplained landing of the Gupta wedding party, at Watterkloof?

The same ANC which cant pay its own staff salaries, but will pay this.

Don’t you understand how socialism works?

There is no money involved, people work for the greater good and contribute like that to the economy. They do not use money as an incentive, they use collective bargaining so that everyone can be equally as miserable.

As far as a socialist is concerned it’s only rank and job title which mean anything, who cares about whether anything meaningful is produced as long as they all get the same regardless of skill, knowledge and motivation.

Money means nothing, it is perceived as a capitalist tool used to enslave everyone. That is why they debt keeps climbing.

Its not that “money means nothing” to socialists, communists or the “collective” – its rather that money are not earned or worthwhile production (of goods or services) are not earnestly produced in return for remuneration. Money is seen by the leaders of these groups as a freely available commodity to which they (the leaders and their cronies) have open and unlimited access to for whatever irrelevant and unproductive scheme they may come up with in their intoxicated dreams.
They are in fact flees, maggots and a cancer divulging their host (being the country).

I would like to know what the ANC can teach Zimbabwe about running a country.

Would have been a great story (and worth the cost), if the ‘honourable’ members of the ANC were been placed under quarantine permanently!

lol what a freak show.

Add the drinks and KFC to the tally.Then, we regard your”profusely humble” gesture as nothing more than a smoke screen. Julle is uitgevang!

End of comments.





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