Army to help police quell Cape Town murders

The Western Cape has reportedly seen more than 2 500 murders over the past year.
Bheki Cele (pictured) and defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula have obtained President Ramaphosa’s permission to allow army units to support the police. Picture: GCIS

South African army units will be used to support the police in a planned crackdown on gang- related violence in Cape Town from Friday, Police Minister Bheki Cele told reporters in Cape Town.

“The Western Cape has seen more than 2 500 murders over the past year, with 900 gang-related murders since January,” Western Cape Premier Alan Winde said by phone. “While I welcome the move and we, as the provincial government, have been calling on national government to send in the army to support the police, it has actually been the people who live in the affected areas who have been the ones crying for the intervention out of desperation.”

The national government has been reluctant to use the army to help the police in high crime areas, because it reminded people of the apartheid regime’s tactics of repression. Cele rejected the call to use the army just four days ago when addressing members of the community after the murders of 13 people last weekend.

However, Cele and Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula managed to obtain President Cyril Ramaphosa’s permission to allow army units to support the police this coming weekend. “We approached the President, and the President approved,” Cele said.

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Cape Town is a gang-infested war zone.

These gangs are located a few km from a lot of the leafy suburbs, across the railway line or the highway.

Just google “Numbers gangs” and see what “idyllic” Cape Town really offers its residents & visitors…

A country on the brink of martial law and at war with itself. I am asking you-using the military to maintain law and order. The Police Chief should commit hara kiri in shame. Daily protest actions, 57 murders a day, 18 million people getting basic income grants.

A true success! A renaissance par excellence!!

I would like to remind readers that this is same army that do not know how to operate military equipment (refer to social media for multiple videos of injured soldiers) or even how to form ranks. What exactly are they going to deal with armed gang members?

….circa 1992. “The ANC is ready to govern!”

Honestly, the army can stand there with their guns and will not change a thing. These matters can only be dealt with by intelligence led police operations. The SAPS police intelligence was decimated by StalinZuma and Richard Nduli et al. The army is merely a political panacea, basically as useful as kissing babies, only good for votes, nothing else

What kind of future does a child born in one of these communities have? The boy knows that joining a gang means survival, the girl gets pregnant believing the father will look after her and the child.

There is no way out the poverty because teaching these kids to read and write is incidental to Sadtu hegemony over the hopeless education system.

End of comments.





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