Billionaire draws ire for saying SA loves Donald Trump

Patrice Motsepe tells Trump ‘the success of the US is the success of rest of the world.’
Patrice Motsepe's comments come days after news emerged that US President Donald Trump is considering a proposal to extend travel restrictions to four African nations. Image: Moneyweb

South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe told President Donald Trump in Davos that Africa loves the US president. Not everybody in his home country shares that sentiment.

“Africa loves America,” Motsepe told Trump at a business dinner during the World Economic Forum this week. “Africa loves you. It’s very, very important, we want America to do well, we want you to do well.”

The country’s only black billionaire, and a brother-in-law of President Cyril Ramaphosa, said the success of the US is the success of rest of the world.

His comments came just days after it emerged that Trump is considering a proposal to extend travel restrictions to four African nations, including Nigeria, and sparked outrage on local radio stations and social media. South African Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said on Twitter he doesn’t agree that Africa loves Trump.

Others cut Motsepe slack for spending millions to treat South Africans to a football match between Mamelodi Sundowns, which he owns, and Spanish giants Barcelona, and for supporting a concert in Johannesburg where Beyonce and Ed Sheeran performed in 2018. Some comments on Twitter also highlighted the importance of US aid to South Africa.

“He was well within his rights to express his views,” Finance Minister Tito Mboweni told reporters on Friday when asked what he thought of the comments by Motsepe, who was part of South Africa’s delegation in Davos. “He doesn’t have the kind of arrogance to speak on behalf of the South African government.”

Motsepe capped off the week in which his holding firm announced a multi-million dollar deal to become the largest shareholder in South African retirement services provider Alexander Forbes Group Holdings Ltd. by being appointed to the WEF’s board of trustees.

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Bravo!!! At last someone with good business sense speak up. Congratulations Mr Motsepe!!! You are a true patriot.

Hilarious how the outrage mob who criticize Motsepe are the ones with their begging bowls, waiting for handouts from the US, which under Trump, has a booming economy…

Well done Motsepe!

Pres CR and the ANC government still have not thanked pres. Trump and the US taxpayers for the $1 billion that was donated to SA last year to stop a major Aids disaster by 2030.

I thought that Motsepe had a little more class than this outburst of verbiage suggests. Trump wouldn’t know how to comport himself in a beer hall, much less than in the company in world leaders. He doesn’t deserve any credit, except for “scratching one Iranian terrorist”. In my humble view it is beneath Motsepe and co. to butf the ego of a narcissistic, mysoginistic moron like Trump.


….and for HOW LONG has the US bull market been running now? (Must be very ‘disappointing’ for many…?)

If you happen to have an international equity ETF investment in your portfolio, the chances are that 50% of your fund is linked to strong performing US indices. (…and aunt Hillary or uncle Barack can take little credit for that)

If SA had a Trump-like president, the JSE ALSI index would’ve been well past 70,000 already with 80,000 in its sights. Economy would be buzzing & income tax dropped.

This represents that rare occasion where a tree (producer) speaks up…. Obviously the parrot (consumer) objects – that’s not what it has heard the parrots say!

Trump has been good for billionaires and investors in general, worldwide. Whether that’s actually a consequence of easy money inflating an asset bubble, or sound economic policy, is a matter that we will eventually resolve itself.

I fear Patrice Motsepe is correct. The proof is in Africans’ love for American consumer brands.

What’s the name of that familiar red & white chicken fast-food outlet, run by a “Colonel” that us Africans love so much?? Africans are more ‘streetwise’ that you’d think! 😉 We’d go Zinging-crazy to grab a chicken Bucket…

If you prefer beef, we can’t avoid a Happy Meal from the big red & yellow McD…

Min Fikile “confisicate” Mbalula, how about enjoying another Coca Cola? Or a Pepsi Cola for you? (…to soothe away that McIlhenny Tabasco burn…)

End of comments.





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