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Cape Town moves ‘Day Zero’ to August

New date is August 27 from July 9.
Day Zero can be avoided completely this year if current water savings efforts continue, deputy mayor says. Picture: Bloomberg

South Africa’s city of Cape Town said on Wednesday that if no rainfall comes then “Day Zero”, when the taps are predicted to run dry, would be pushed back to August 27 from July 9, and that the bullet could be dodged completely this year.

“Provided we continue our current water savings efforts, Day Zero can be avoided completely this year,” deputy mayor Ian Neilson said in a statement. 

“The city now projects that, if there was to be no rainfall, Day Zero would arrive on 27 August 2018. As this date falls deep within the normal rainfall period, it is no longer appropriate to project the date without any consideration of rainfall,” the statement said. 


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WELL DONE to all the (individual) efforts of our WC compatriots! Yup, we realise it did not come easy, and water still remains critical.

If the province was run by ANC for example, there would’ve been a way more lax enforcement of water-saving measures. Under the ANC, the dams would’ve run dry by now & they’ll just throw their arms into the air.

(I wonder where’s the WCape/DA-haters “rfjock” and our good ‘ol retired friend in Sydney?) Hello….?

..and having said that, it’s not that WC is completely out of the woods (a relief maybe)…so I hope most residents will have their roof water-harvesting tanks set up and ready for coming winter, as to ease consumption, and allow the dams to fill up quicker.

The latest “ENSO” Forecast (from International Research Inst for Climatology) is a “weak to moderate” La Nina SST-conditions to mid-autumn, and return to neutral conditions. It thus bodes positive for average rainfall for WC region.

Another factor is what cause the usual cold fronts to rain mostly over the southern ocean, instead of reaching WC landfall. That is a function of the belt of westerly winds to move north over winter, as a result of less strong sub-tropical pressure systems. The stronger the sub-tropics pressure system, the further south it pushes the westerly winds that bring winter rains to reach the Cape. The uncertain factor is that sub-tropical pressure systems interact with other regions’ pressure systems, and does also not correlate to El Nino/La Nina (ENSO) conditions. All random.
Technical credits to UCT’s Climate System Analysis Group!

We hope WC umbrella & raincoat sales will do a roaring trade again.

Hey poepel, I’m here…

Curry Cup final: Western Province 33 – Sharks 21 (under the noses of the KingsPark home crowd)

Remember that one….

What a joke!

DA running around like headless chickens at the prsoect of losing control of CT/WC as the citizens of Cape Town are up in arms with their incompetence & corruption.

Electioneering has begun and so suddenly Day 0 dropping off the radar…

Your Day 0 is still coming DA, wait for 2019…


if it was up to the DA leaders the middle class would now be paying R5 billion to a few companies for large RO desalination plants!!!

End of comments.



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