Cape Town puzzled over easing of its coronavirus crisis

New cases and fatalities in the Western Cape plateaued in late June and have recently shown a small decline.
Image: Bloomberg

The coronavirus crisis in Cape Town, South Africa’s main tourist hub, appears to be easing and the authorities don’t know why.

A slowdown in new infections and deaths in most other global virus hotspots has coincided with the imposition of lockdowns. But in Cape Town and much of the surrounding Western Cape province, new cases and fatalities plateaued in late June and have recently shown a small decline, even though most businesses have reopened.

The trajectory of the disease “has got many people puzzled,” said Keith Cloete, a doctor who heads the Western Cape’s Department of Health, in a briefing Wednesday. One theory is that pleas to adhere to social distancing and wear masks are increasingly being heeded, he said.

The Western Cape was the first province to be badly hit by the virus, accounting for almost 70% of South Africa’s cases in May. Now that infections are surging in the central and eastern parts of the country – especially in the economic hub Gauteng – that ratio has declined to 19.9%. The country had diagnosed 471 123 cases as of Thursday, the most in Africa.

Intensive-care and high-care admissions in the Western Cape are at 273, down from a peak of 340, and 84% of those who were confirmed to have contracted the disease have recovered, according to a daily advisory from the provincial health department. Spare capacity in hospitals and lower demand for tests are signals of a potential decline in infections.

“All indications are that the pandemic has started to stabilise in the Western Cape, with a decline in some areas being experienced, said Alan Winde, the provincial premier. “It does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. If we let our foot off the pedal now and don’t continue to change our behaviour, then we risk new flare-ups and an acceleration of cases.”

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A rebound of the ‘virus’ with a 99,7% recovery rate…just agenda driven fear mongering…

With the right people in charge….success is possible!
Racist BEE policies don’t help this country succeed. In my opinion, they are, after 25yrs counter productive and don’t help anyone! The same with Municipalities…..employ the right people…no matter the colour of their skin, to build a fair, just, successful Municipality.

Quick! says one cadre to another, somebody start marking more death certificates with Covid in the WC. We cant let an opposition run province make us look like the fools we are. Most importantly, if we dont keep this b_11#%!t going, we wont be able to continue our fake companies with their tenders to steal from the R500 billion, IMF and anyone stupid enough to let us run the country.

But satire aside, on the other hand I hope I’m wrong, the lockdown can be lifted and our govt can start with massive infrastructure projects worth billions that will create millions of jobs and the tenders be awarded to the most honest and reputable companies, there by ensuring not a single link to a single politician.

More DA smoke and mirrors….their tourism and alcohol industry has collapsed, along with the housing market.

They stopped testing under-55s a few weeks ago after the DA realised that there was no prize for trying to get the highest testing rate in the country (an own-goal if ever there was one….).

The virus is alive and well in the WC, and Cape Town in particular. It is just being hidden by the DA…

End of comments.





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