Cosatu want private pensions to fund infrastructure

The union has also made other proposals to aid Eskom.
One of the proposals made by Cosatu include government permitting Eskom to build its own renewable power plants. Image: Waldo Swiegers, Bloomberg

The Congress of South African Trade Unions, a key ruling party ally, is pushing senior members of government to consider its proposals to rescue the state’s indebted power utility before next month’s budget.

In addition to suggestions it made in a November document that civil servants’ pensions and a state-run unemployment fund be used to cut Eskom’s debt, Cosatu wants the government to consider making it mandatory for private pension funds to invest part of the money they control in infrastructure. It also wants workers to be represented on Eskom’s board.

Cosatu made its proposals at a meeting with senior members of the ruling African National Congress earlier this month and, according to a document seen by Bloomberg, they “received broad support.”

Union support will be key to reviving Eskom, which isn’t selling enough electricity to cover its operating costs, has amassed more than R450 billion of debt and has way more workers than it says it needs. Cosatu, which opposes any job cuts, is an ally of President Cyril Ramaphosa and plays a central role in helping him retain control over the bitterly divided ANC.

“A discussion must begin between government, the PIC, labour, and the retirement industry on a sustainable, correct and progressive balance to be agreed to on prescribed assets in support of key public goods and infrastructure,” Cosatu said.

The PIC is the Public Investment Corp., which oversees state workers’ pensions and Africa’s biggest fund manager. Cosatu, South Africa’s biggest labour group, and the South African Communist Party are in an alliance with the ANC.

Proposals made by Cosatu in addition to those it made in November include:

  • Eskom should be permitted by government to build its own renewable power plants.
  • The utility must begin investing in battery storage for renewable power.
  • A debt plan to recover the money owed by municipalities and government departments to Eskom must be implemented by deducting the money owed from their budget allocations.
  • Electricity should be paid for in advance.
  • Coal-fired power plants approaching decommissioning should be converted to use gas where possible.
  • Solar panels should be mandatory for all buildings within five years.

“Further engagement between Cosatu, the ANC, alliance and government at a senior level will take place shortly to seek to find agreements on saving Eskom,” Cosatu said. “It is hoped that these can be in place before the February 2020 budget speech.”

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Give us yr pension money – so our nieces and nephews can steal it.

Cosatu is getting too big for their shoes.

Pension funds are private money, then Cosatu should allow private companies to manage Escom.

Hence the reason I don’t invest a cent in SA.

To them “Fund” means what? It means PAY FOR.

Your members can do that thank you very much. Thieves.

Does Cosatu also suggest that those not paying for electricity and water must pay.

Of course Cosatu wants other people’s money to fund the gravy train.
And the chances are excellent that government will also think that this is a great idea.
Looters doing exactly what looters always do.

The PIC is a South African state owned entity….so yeh! you are 100% correct. It is just a matter of time before the looting will start.

The only good proposal from Cosatu is board representation. Then they can learn how the real world works.

Cosatu does not have a leg to stand on, as they said and did nothing for years when Eskom was mismanaged and looted.

Cosatu has much political influence and no political accountability.

Get the DBSA to to that, as they have just bailed-out SAA.

LOL – come and get it….along with my land! LOL!

So COSATU were striking when Eskom wanted to invest in renewables a few years ago, because it would threaten their members jobs…now they are the ones suggesting it???

I really hope all their members hear this and remember the previous promises…can’t wait for the stories that will come out.

The SAMWU union is affiliated with COSATU. SAMWU manage a pension fund for municipal employees. I really won’t mind if they use SAMWU pension fund to help Eskom. Eskom itself have a pension fund for their employees, use that pension fund to bail Eskom out.

End of comments.





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