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Court finds Zuma’s son not guilty over car crash death

Court says prosecutors failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.

A South African court on Friday found Duduzane Zuma, son of former president Jacob Zuma, not guilty of culpable homicide and negligent driving over a fatal car crash, saying prosecutors had failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.

Duduzane Zuma’s Porsche sports car collided with a minibus taxi on a highway in Johannesburg in February 2014, killing a woman and injuring at least one other.

Zuma, who said he lost control of the car after a puddle caused him to aquaplane, initially avoided prosecution after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) decided not to charge him.

The NPA reversed its decision last year after a rights group threatened to prosecute Zuma privately.

“I accept the defence argument that none of the evidence presented established that there was anything that a reasonable man in the position of the accused on that night would have foreseen,” the judge at the Johannesburg court said.

“The state failed to prove the case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt,” he said.

Duduzane attended the court hearing with his father. He had pleaded not guilty.

Jacob Zuma told state broadcaster SABC he was pleased by the ruling. Duduzane Zuma declined to answer questions from a SABC reporter. 

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So what caused him to aquaplane? Apparently not the 120kph that he was travelling. Not him? So it was the tyres or the car. Porsche one of the best sports cars in the world will aquaplane in torrential rain at 120kph or maybe this little upstart was driving with slicks.

This whole procedure is a joke, 5 years later, not enough evidence and a kid driving at 120 in heavy rain.

Do the math. He is free because he is a Zupta plain and simple. He was reckless, speeding, they all do and of course not accountable for anything. Damn disgrace.

Don’t hang the son for the sins of his father ….
It’s perfectly feasible albeit irresponsible to travel at 120kms in the rain when driving a precision german engineered car…millions of people do and don’t end up killing someone.
This might be exactly what he claims…a terrible accident.
He knows the truth and has to live with the consequence of his action.
And the prosecution failed to prove otherwise.

I think the judge summed it up adequately – the prosecution failed to prove a case – one will always have the question “Was the prosecutions case contrived and poorly structured, or was it a contrived outcome”

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