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Eskom says it plans to cut 2 000 MW from grid

Due to additional generating units going down overnight.

Eskom will cut 2 000 MW of supply from the national grid because it lost additional generating units overnight.

Eskom had earlier said it would cut 1 000 megawatts through rotational blackouts, known locally as load-shedding, the Johannesburg-based utility said in a statement on its website Friday.

The company that’s Africa’s biggest power producer is struggling with declining demand, aging plants and delays in new facilities as it takes steps to emerge from multiple scandals involving graft and mismanagement. The company, which has been identified by ratings agencies as a key threat to South Africa’s economy, is discussing its turnaround plan with the Department of Public Enterprises and President Cyril Ramaphosa.

First-half profit plunged 89% and the company’s debt burden is “impossibly high,” chairman Jabu Mabuza said this week.

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We’re in Load shedding stage 2 on Friday.

The less usage = less revenue = (continuing) death spiral. To increase elec tariffs, then solar-PV becomes more viable for the well-heeled customers (those that Eskom and municipalities rely on to subsidize the non-payers).

(Clear example of a political/racial engineered system, that is unsustainable…like Apartheid. The latter died.)

Turnaround plan? Really? Heard that many times before. The only turnaround plan would be to revert back to the ‘oppressive’ structure it resembled pre-1994 years! The majority won’t allow that, you say?

OK, sure…then Eskom (along with many SOE’s) will have to DIE eventually. Simple.

Just looking at an article here from 6 May 2016 where titled ‘We will never ever again have load shedding says Zuma’

and my comment at that time

“Most people over the age of 10 years old know that you can never ever ever make a commitment like that where things like power stations and machines are involved, because you actually cannot control all eventualities into the future with 100% certainty. Natural disasters for example.”

How predictable.

End of comments.


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