Eskom warns power cuts could worsen

‘High probability that additional stages of load shedding may be implemented at short notice.’
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South Africa’s power utility rationed electricity for a second day Wednesday and warned outages may worsen due to breakdowns at key generation units.

Eskom Holdings said it’s cutting 2 000 megawatts from the grid between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., continuing with rolling blackouts that are adding to the woes facing the Africa’s most-industrialised economy. Eskom, which is saddled with R450 billion of debt, blamed failures in 10 generation units at seven power stations for the disruptions, known locally as load shedding.

“There is a high probability that additional stages of load shedding may be implemented at short notice,” the utility said.

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Dealing with the elephant in the room that is Eskom

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Bring it on — The braai is ready !!!!

Your chops & dops will be finished long before Eksdom is finished with your load shedding 😉

This reminds me, black nights matter….

So lets see whether the SoE has competent staff – they have reported that 10 generation units failed at 7 power stations – this points to an inept maintenance program. The way Eskom is run and functions is no different to the way the ruling party functions and runs the country – the country is falling apart one brick at a time

Privatize these power stations; like telkom did. Let the PIC and Unions take a share in these units.

Still the Guptas’ fault? Or can we at last acknowledge that the problem is utter incompetence of current senior management at Eskom?

Your heading: “Eskom warns power cuts could worsen”

I read: “We have not done our job properly, not doing it properly now, and dont plan to do it properly in future – so BEWARE”

Is the new guy unable to run a proper ship? or is he using the excuse of failings way back????

I have been in maintenance of electrical equipment for almost 37 years and I can assure you that to catch up on 10 years’ neglect is not easy. I also know a number of people involved in power station maintenance and since 2008 they were in most cases not allowed to shut a unit down for maintenance. The idea was that if Medupi and Kusile come on the grid, they will create capacity to shut down older units for maintenance, but that is not happening. To get anywhere near a decent maintenance program again, management must bring the two new stations on line as soon as possible. Till then, the maintenace staff can only wait till it breaks, then it must be shut down.

No!!!! It is Jan van Riebeeck!!!

But we built two big brand new power stations for billions and billions.

We did indeed build two new power stations. With (allegedly!!!) massive bribes paid to Luthuli House by Hitachi. Rotten workmanship. MASSIVE cost overruns. In short, another ANC triumph of the crooks. Time for names to be outed and people prosecuted.

The new power stations Medupi and Kusile should have been fully operational by 2014. Instead, Medupi might be finished in 2021, while Kusile’s completion date has been pushed to 2023, an almost 10-year delay. The projects were marred by ANC incompetence and corruption. The country’s constrained power grid has stunted economic growth and stopped development. If it wasn’t for all the looting by ANC officials South Africa would have been in a much better place today.

Thanks for nothing. Twelve years after load-shedding started and this where we are! South African excellence and the destruction of the transformation obsession on display for all to see. Eskom still overstaffed by some 13 000- 15 000. I did not realise that you had a ‘job for life’ at Eskom.

The current breakdowns & related operational problems stems from the result of past poor management (and comparatively expensive labour not worth their salt), tender contracts to questionable enterprises, for the last two decades.

Other SOE’s are the same. (They don’t produce power for the country, so other SOE failures are not as publicly prominent)

Big part of poor or sub-standard work performance relates to the AA/BEE system appointing a cadre, pay him/her fairly well, but woefully under-delivers. Any country’s economony cannot survive such an artificially created, race-based system, in the long-term. So it has to fail. Well, it is slowly failing in smaller parts as we speak….if I can get this message through before the power cuts 😉

Oh sorry, forgive me….I now realize this artificial AA/BEE system, is legally written into the Labour Act. My apologies for my unfounded criticism in the previous paragraph. It’s OK, so long it’s protected by the Act.

Accepted, Eskom will thus fail COMPLETELY in a certain future year when govt runs out of bailout funds, the pensions funds are depleted, and too few international loans are obtainable. POWER OFF. Permanently. SA cannot have it both ways…AA/BEE laws AND long-term econ prosperity. No power. Country runs on PV-solar or wind. Unemployment will rise beyond 75%…and SA is making “good” progress towards that figure.

End of comments.



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