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Gordhan meeting Eskom executives over power crisis

The minister and executives are meeting to seek solutions to the country’s electricity crisis.

South Africa‘s public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan is meeting executives from state power firm Eskom on Monday to find solutions to the country’s electricity crisis, Eskom spokesman Khulu Phasiwe told Reuters.

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Eskom said on Monday it would cut 4 000 megawatts from the national grid from 1100 GMT after six additional generating units went offline unexpectedly.

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A man does his job, hardly news…

A ANC cadre does his job, front page stuff…

How far off the pace we are as a country…

This guy is the biggest and most well known nobody. For years he was the Finance director of the Zupta state. On his watch the SA economy crumbled and became stagnant and utterly corrupt-all on his watch.

He has a smooth mouth, colossal stomach and ample buttocks-but substance-very little!!

More meetings and yet the level of kak just gets deeper… Nine years of Zuma cannot be repaired overnight! I urge you all to REMEMBER what this party has wrought on our beautiful country come May 8th…

I’m afraid Gordhan is just as overrated as Trevor Manuel.

If you’re a member of the ANC, then you most definitely lack moral fibre, at the very least.

plus he is the VERY same person who forced Eskom management to give generous salary increases ++ R10 000 (x 40 000) bonus per employee after tax in 2018 after the average bonuses of R88 000 pp in 2017. Nice job if you have it.


Gross incompetence underlies the issue.
The real knowledge in Eskom has been paid off and has gone.

The idiotic plan to split Eskom into 3 has been discussed at least since 1990 to my knowledge. In 1994 an intense study showed a substantial tariff increase to maintain trio. What is different- the CR brains trust should provide the answer?

How can a structure change improve electricity capacity and availability at a sustainable price? Move the chairs on the Titanic and hope it doesn’t sink.

These high level meetings are simply a repeat of that slob Lynne Brown’s “deep dive” to find out what on earth is going on.

And we all know what happened there.

There are two likely possibilities:

Preemptive sabotage by the unions, which include the ANC’s alliance partner.

Or running the power stations to a standstill to avoid blackouts before SONA.

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