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Government declares drought a national disaster

Government takes responsibility for managing relief measures.

The South African government has declared the drought affecting the southern and western areas of the country a national disaster.

The decision hands primary responsibility to coordinate and manage measures to deal with the drought to the national executive, according to a statement by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs published in the Government Gazette on Wednesday.

The government will “strengthen and support the disaster management structures to implement contingency plans and ensure that immediate relief, recovery and reconstruction measures are put in place to enable the national executive to effectively deal with the effects of this disaster,” according to the statement.

Cape Town, which is contending with the worst drought on record, has pushed out the estimated date on which it may have to turn off water supplies to residents by about four weeks to May 11, as use by farmers declines.

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They dragged their feet trying to handle our other national disaster.

Although I can’t imagine the drought whining like a girl, begging for terms and conditions. “Please, I have eleventy seven wives to feed. Just let me stay another 3 months, then give me guaranteed security and a new fire-pool every couple of years…”

DA = Disaster Area

LOL, you must be hating this, dayzero pushed out to 04JUN2018(latest) – can still get you a decent spot next to me in Higgovale for ZAR6M or are you still keen to stay in you sh*thole up north?

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