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Great white sharks vanish from Cape Town, and no one knows why

Not one has been spotted this year.

Great white sharks, which support a shark-diving industry and have been responsible for a number of fatal attacks off Cape Town, haven’t been seen in the region for 18 months.

Between 2010 and 2016 staff at the Shark Spotting Programme, established to warn swimmers when the three-ton predators approached beaches, reported an average of 205 sightings of the fish off the beaches of False Bay. In 2018 that fell to 50 and this year not one has been seen. None have been seen at Seal Island, a one-time feeding ground off the coast.

“Further supporting evidence of the absence of these large apex predators is the lack of any feeding or bite marks on whale carcasses the city has removed from False Bay this year,” Cape Town’s municipality said in a statement on Wednesday. “We do not know how their absence from False Bay would affect the ecosystem. Neither do we know the causes for their disappearance.”

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Orcas (Killer whales) are chasing them out of False Bay!

Really – your source of this information is where?

Google Orca’s killing sharks in False Bay.

Same Orca killing sharks reports by numerous regular ski boat anglers in False Bay area recently.

Yep, even the sharks are so ga..vol they’ve packed up and left!

Probably been over fished, the shark diving industry doesn’t look like a very environmentally friendly operation either.

I also read that the Western Cape waters are heavily polluted, maybe that’s why?

Either way, very likely to be our fault for either directly doing something or allowing someone else doing something.

So long and thanks for all the fish! So sad that it should come to this! We tried to warn you all but oh dear – Douglas Adams.

The great white sharks disappeared with Steinhoff; they are now called guppies. Easy to spot : the trophy wife sued for divorce, nobody is available for a round of golf, and most emails go unanswered.

The shark spotters can now all be redeployed as loan shark spotters.

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