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Legalise pot to fill the hole in budget, Mboweni says

Decriminalising cannabis could help raise more tax, according to Mboweni.
Finance minister Tito Mboweni previously tweeted that legalising marijuana could add more than R4bn to the economy. Image: Shutterstock

South African Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has high hopes that legalising the marijuana industry can help plug the nation’s yawning revenue shortfall.

Tweeting from his farm in Magoebaskloof in the northeastern Limpopo province on Sunday, Mboweni said he urgently needed to raise more tax and decriminalising cannabis could help accomplish that goal.

Mboweni is due to outline plans to contain spending and bolster income in his annual budget speech on February 26. Power shortages have constrained growth, and as a result the National Treasury is confronting a R52.5 billion revenue shortfall for the year through March.

Mboweni previously tweeted that legalising marijuana could add more than R4 billion to the economy. The finance minister also uses his feed to comment on economic policy and give cooking tips to his more than 507 000 followers.

While South Africa’s Constitutional Court legalised the private use and cultivation of marijuana in 2018, it remains illegal to buy and sell it.

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Olg Gogo Mboweni,

back to his roots smoking dope..

image more brain impairments on the poor people of this country..recipe for a wonderful future!

Why would we all run to the shops to buy our dagga if we can just grow it in our back gardens? For free?

The same reason we all buy vegetables at the shops instead of growing our own in our yards.

I hope the Honourable Minister did inform the police where he spotted such a beautiful plant growing wildly and unhindered (-;

While we are at raising revenues from the decriminalization of dagga, let us also decriminalize prostitution.

The State can make a ton from revenues and streams of income from which it is not currently properly collecting. Also we need to develop a manner of ensuring that proper taxes are collected from taxi operators not only registration fees and vat. But tax per each passenger carried every single time they collect. How can the State or Sars specifically let these guys get away with this ‘crime’ on the State (not paying their fair due on what is clearly income or at the least collection on behalf of the Receiver.)

I would suggest hemp would be a better crop. More versatile – clothing, food etc.

Hemp will grow very well in SA compared to other crops and don’t need to be mothered so much.

LOL!!! We need drugs to fill our tax shortfalls?

cannabis is known as a ‘gateway’ drug, due to the propensity of users to move on to more powerful and addictive drugs, like Meth, Tik, Qat,etc.
Legalising the use of cannabis was a huge mistake, and the country will pay dearly if growing cannabis is legalised.Prolonged use of cannabis causes significant impairment in academic or occupational functionality.
Some develop suspiciousness, social withdrawal. Intoxicated behavior, impaired driving,Impulsivity, dangerous risk taking, irresponsibility
Marital/child neglect in heavy users; legal problems
Cognitive Impairment (Impaired Intellect)
Impaired motor coordination
Sensation of slowed time, impaired judgment
Decreased short term memory, impaired learning, apathy (even when not intoxicated)
cannabis intoxication can cause psychosis:
Causes significant impairment in academic or occupational functioning
Some develop suspiciousness, social witdrawal.ipaired motor coordination,aanoia or acute psychosis with delusions & hallucinations
Can trigger schizophreniia, delirium.

If we begin to tax sex workers and the cannabis trade we will move into a budget surplus in no time. The upside is that SARS will have no shortage of people who want to work as inspectors.

If we tax all the sex workers who deal with parliamentarians we will recycle the money we waste on politicians. Even better, we should swop the politicians with sex workers. Both make a living by prostituting themselves anyway.

End of comments.





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