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Majority of Britons support ‘Brexit by any means’ – poll

Even if it requires a suspension of parliament.

A majority of Britons believe Prime Minister Boris Johnson must take Britain out of the European Union “by any means”, even if that involves suspending parliament, an opinion poll conducted for the Daily Telegraph said on Monday.

Johnson has promised to lead Britain out of the EU on October 31 regardless of whether he manages to secure an exit deal with Brussels, despite many in parliament being opposed to leaving without a deal.

A ComRes opinion poll showed 54% of respondents said they agreed with the statement: “Boris (Johnson) needs to deliver Brexit by any means, including suspending parliament if necessary, in order to prevent MPs (Members of Parliament) from stopping it.”

Johnson is seeking a deal with the EU but has not ruled out suspending parliament to prevent lawmakers’ attempts to block a no-deal exit.

The poll showed 46% disagreed with the statement. The result was based on the answers of 1 645 respondents, after those who said they did not know their preference had been excluded.

The same survey found support for the Conservative Party had risen by 6 percentage points to 31%, compared with 27% who said they would back the opposition Labour Party. That result was based on 1 783 responses.

That finding is largely in line with other polls showing an increase in support for the Conservatives since Johnson took over from Theresa May, who formally quit last month having failed to deliver Brexit on schedule.

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Before in time. 1940, a united Europe and a U.K apart. Used as a platform for the right moment, or not. Hess flew over to be on hand for signing peace. His boss, Hitler, announcing victory from the beaches called Japanese sea. No need for landings in Europe. Communism was wiped of planet earth. The main goal of a plan. Today, listening to NATO, standing on Russia borders again, need a independent U.K. For playing backup like in granddads time.

Strategically, I’m also of opinion the UK is long-term better off separate from mainland Europe, despite the short-term pain (for both regions). UK’s strong Royal Navy is one of her best assets to protect the isle, and the country’s commercial routes.

The mother country of the sublime Spitfire and Avro Lancaster…she will not roll over like HMS Hood or HMS Repulse. But UK will not sink like a KMS Bismarck. 😉

Question for you Bas. What’s your opinion on the future of the ex-Soviet republic of Georgia (in Eurasia) with the “border creep” Russia is doing, where NATO has a monitoring mission? Good place to flee to? (The indiv tax is low / and govt is super efficient / open, western economy../ up to 1 yr Visa-free visit for S’Africans). Bad move military wise?

End of comments.





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