MTN says wrong to blame operators for data costs

Says the government and regulators have failed to release the spectrum required for the telecommunications industry.
MTN says operators are not responsible for the price of data after the CompCom instructed it to lower data prices. Image: Waldo Swiegers, Bloomberg

South African telecoms group MTN said on Monday it was wrong to lay the blame for the country’s data costs with operators, after the competition regulator instructed MTN and rival Vodacom to lower data prices.

Read: Regulator tells Vodacom, MTN to lower data prices

Vodacom says data price cuts affected by delayed spectrum allocation

“For more than a decade, government and regulators have failed to release the spectrum that the mobile industry has so critically required to bring down the cost to communicate. To simply lay the blame for data costs at the foot of the operators is wrong,” MTN South Africa said in a statement.

The company said it would study the Competition Commission’s report on data pricing and comment in detail at a later stage. 

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He he he, Hayibo, Suka Wena… If “government and regulators have failed to release the spectrum that the mobile industry has so critically required” you take money from the consumer, why dont you take the government to court? oh goodness Jehovah, what has the South African consumer done so bad that he be raped day-in-day-out… I think we are beginning to enjoy it and business will continue to abuse us.

The comp Com is very late with the ruling. Operators have been getting away with murder for a long time.

CompCom is a pot calling kettles black. Another useless organ of state receiving budget allocation to extort money from businesses under the guise of fairness. Just another “fairness” ploy in the ANC playbook. Gangsters doing their thing with the law on their side! I don’t think this commission is anything other than a racket. And, even though MTN cares about you a LITTLE bit more than the government, it’s only because they want your money. While making billions from inflated data prices nothing was done by the operators or ANC backed Zupta Government. When Eskom was complaining that we had some of the lowest electricity prices in the world it was not even 24 months and our prices were in line with some of the most expensive electricity in the world. You want to see the ANC government move quick? Put a billion down and look the other way and see how they get moving…

Neither government nor the operators have any incentive to cut rates or release spectrum. It is the consumer and his/her wallet that will happily be raped by both public and private institutions. But hey – lets vote for the ANC again so we can be sure this rubbish continues….. “You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.” Bullet Tooth Tony.

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