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PetroSA looks to plug Eskom’s diesel gap

‘A conversation has started between Eskom and PetroSA to potentially supply them with diesel.’

State-owned oil company PetroSA is in talks with power firm Eskom to supply it with diesel to prevent further electricity cuts, PetroSA’s acting chief executive said on Tuesday, as national power cuts entered a third consecutive day.

“A conversation has started between Eskom and PetroSA to potentially supply them with diesel,” PetroSA’s Bongani Sayidini told Reuters.

Cash-strapped Eskom said it would cut 3 000 megawatts (MW) of power from the national grid from 0600 GMT on Tuesday, likely until 2100 GMT, a day after cutting 4 000 MW from the grid in the worst power cuts seen in several years.


Load shedding: Outlook not good Eskom

Eskom implements stage 4 load shedding

It said one of the reasons for the power cuts was dwindling diesel supplies. 


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…and the COST for the diesel will help to increase Eskom’s current R419,000,000,000 debt. (The construction cost equivalent of 7 US Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, at US$ 4,5bn each)

Won’t be long before SA can add their 8th nuclear-powered super carrier to our imaginary fleet of debt.

Better way of funding would be to allocate funds away from RDP-housing, and to temporarily cease/reduce social grants….only for a year. People will have to understand it’s the temporary price to pay for a free and democratic SA.

Be honest, when last did you see an RDP house being constructed. That fund is dry long ago.,

Gourikwa turbine station (740mw) is in Mossel bay. Yet they think of this now.

wonder what PetroSA’s financial position is… blind leading another.

Actually a bit of madness. AFAIK Petro SA only deals with what used to be Mossgass, now making liquid fuels from natural gas.
Those OCGT emergency generators can easily be converted to work on gas instead of Diesel. So it would be much better if Eskom and PetroSA can lay a gaspipe to those OCGT,

if eskom has currently a debt of R419 billion that they can not make good, why will they even think of paying petrosa for diesel???????? – if eskom can’t pay, is petrosa the next entity to go down the drain???

I may be totally wrong, but as far as I can remember the diesel driven power plants’ main purpose in the past was for standby purpose and not as a permanent power supplying entity – has anybody worked out how much per kilowatt or megawatt diesel generated electricity cost per unit in comparison with a decent coal fired steam power station’s electricity per unit??????

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