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Public Protector accused of misconduct

Allegedly ordered by state security agency to call for constitutional amendment that would have led to the nationalisation of the SA Reserve Bank.

South African Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane has been accused of misconduct by a whistleblower who filed an affidavit to the president’s office on Friday, the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism has reported.

According to the statement, a report published by Mkhwebane in 2017 calling for a constitutional amendment was ordered by the state security agency, her former employer.

The proposed amendment would have ultimately led to the nationalisation of the SA Reserve Bank.

‘Baseless claims’

“These are baseless claims and ramblings of disgruntled current and former employees, some of whom are or were facing disciplinary action,” Mkhwebane’s spokesman Oupa Segalwe said by text message.

The whistleblower also alleged that Mkhwebane instructed investigators not to publish information about two politicians in a 2018 investigation into the Gupta money laundering scheme.

Mkhwebane, who took over the public protector office in 2016, has been accused of bias by the High Court, and almost a third of the reports issued during her tenure are facing legal challenges. The courts have overturned several of Mkhwebane’s previous rulings and rebuked her for failing to stick to her constitutional mandate. She denies the allegations.

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The public should realize that anyone who has worked for the National Intelligence Agency is devoid of any integrity, let alone any trumped up professional competencies!

The little lady have spent a lot of time in the courts lately. She owns us a lot off money in judgments against her.
And she is a lawyer. But not a very clever lawyer by the look of things?

She is clever but has no integrity… All she is doing is following her master’s orders: Disrupt and distract to ensure ‘master and cronies’ are not brought to book. For that you will be rewarded handsomely. If you get caught out, just deny everything, stall and delay proceedings. Simple.

Absolutely agree, afew. Her actions time after time show that she has ulterior motives, and these strongly point to her being handled by the Zuma faction.

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