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Ramaphosa dispatches envoys to African nations over xenophobia

Three officials to visit seven countries.

President Cyril Ramaphosa dispatched three officials to seven African nations to discuss how the government is addressing a recent spate of xenophobic attacks in his country.

Former minister Jeff Radebe, Ambassador Kingsley Mmabolo and Khulu Mbatha, a veteran leader of the ruling African National Congress, will visit Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, according to a statement emailed by the presidency on Sunday.

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“The special envoys will brief governments in the identified African countries about the steps that the South African government is taking to bring a stop to the attacks and to hold the perpetrators to account,” it said.

Clashes erupted in South Africa after a taxi driver was shot dead on August 27, allegedly by a suspected Nigerian drug dealer, in the capital, Pretoria. Scores of foreign-owned shops were looted and torched in the ensuing violence. The attacks spread to Johannesburg, leaving at least 12 people dead and more than 50 shops and several vehicles destroyed.

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Sending people to apologize to these nations for the terrible xenophobic attacks and then make it clear that we are not xenophobic. I’ve lived here most of my life but honesty cannot associate, one iota, with how we do things as a country.

This is not xenophobia, this is a well orchestrated cherry on top of a quiet underlying force that is out there to disrupt CR’s government.

It started way back when Zuma must have realized that he would one day go to jail for his shenanigans.

First he expelled JM to start a little fox terrier party that would at first look like it was biting JZ’s heels. He tolerated this with the cover of protection by the ANC, nothing has ever happened to JM or the BFL. They can do anything.

Every councilor that detects corruption gets taken out, especially in KZN.

They have a force working in the Western Cape, they are busy on the roads in KZN, burning trucks and now at the drop of a hat they will burn and kill in JHB.

student protests and service delivery and also willy nilly burning of tyres to disrupt daily life.

Who is behind it?? I will bet my bottom dollar, JZ and his old corrupt thieving friends. A smoke screen to deflect attention and their end goal to topple CR, and take over to finish the job.

End of comments.


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