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Ramaphosa is said to ease Visa rules to boost tourism

Cabinet is seeking to attract more investment and tourists.

South Africa’s cabinet decided to loosen visa rules and scrap a controversial travel requirement for children as it seeks to attract more investment and tourists, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The measures are among a series of initiatives to be announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday as he intensifies efforts to revive economic growth, said the people who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t public yet. Africa’s most-industrialised economy entered its first recession since 2009 in the second quarter.

South Africa is particularly targeting travellers from China and India, two of the world’s fastest-growing outbound tourism markets, News24 reported in July, citing Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom. China accounted for 130 million travellers globally, with India forecast for have 50 million people traveling abroad by 2020, it said.

The number of visitors to South Africa from outside the continent declined 1.5% year-on-year in the first seven months of this year, according to Statistics South Africa data.

The government will ease work-permit requirements for scarce skills and simplify the process for business and leisure travellers to obtain short-term entry documents, the people said. Multiple-entry visas and electronic-visa applications will also be introduced, they said.

A requirement that traveling children be accompanied by one natural parent and that they have a full birth certificate stating the names of both parents is being scrapped. The measures, introduced in 2014 to reduce child trafficking, led to a drop in the number of visitors to South Africa.

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There we go. Play using global rules so the unique african solution to child trafficking is where it belongs…In the toilet.

Just do as the baas says and all will be fine. BAAS is in Beijing now ,very clever but has 6 hard stripes on his rear end from the orange BAAS in Washington

This change is long overdue. As a foreign visitor with two children, I only had copies of my kids’ birth certificates, not originals, and the airline refused my boarding because of SA regulations. This caused us to lose three days of our vacation and $4000 in rebooking fees. I later found out other horror stories from travelers with similar issues such as being stranded in Dubai all because of a piece of paper. Birth certificates are meaningless and easily forged so it was simply a costly hurdle for travelers.

Blind ANC and not with well thought solutions. In the ICT industry the Chinese and the overseas Indian companies have been using some tourist VISAS to work in SA. China and India is over populated so Africa has been seen as the gateway to get them to a great life in SA and to save on TAx.
The employees without the proper working VISAS get told to work remotely when department of labor is known to be coming to visit.
The Chinese also lie about importing scarce skills. You find people who have just recently qualified. They use SA as the training area of their people when the SA companies outsource to them.
They also import a lot of so called computer girls. Beautiful women who bring no scarce skills but maybe charming some people in power is called scarce skills in some other places.

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