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Rand Water says it’s reducing supply to 3 cities in Gauteng

Namely Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Ekurhuleni, as some reservoirs ‘are currently below safe operating levels’.

Rand Water is reducing the flow of water to three of South Africa’s biggest metropolitan areas as “higher-than-normal demand” has led to a decline in average storage below the utility’s operating minimum.

The three municipalities affected are Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Ekurhuleni, where some reservoirs “are currently below safe operating levels,” the company said in an emailed statement Friday.

Gauteng is the country’s economic hub and home to more than a quarter of the total population of about 57 million.

Rand Water’s “operating philosophy is to maintain reservoir storage levels between 60% and 80%” and the reduction “will assist with the recovery of these reservoir levels whilst managing high water consumption,” it said.

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Are the Joburg people going to have a Day Zero as well?
We Cape Town people had lots of fun with Day Zero.
Washing our ‘stuff’ in a cup and all that.

The Gauteng-province is ANC-led, so things won’t go as smooth as the WCape within same scenario.

I’m looking forward one day (when I’m in my 70’s and retired) to stand in a long queue for water, and carry a heavy bucket in frail health (and getting robbed at the same time).
That’s one good reason I want to remain in SA, as the rest of (developed) world is rather boring 😉

That’s the spirit. And carrying that 25 lt barrel home everyday will be great cardio

Some levels below operating minimums so instead of increasing supple you limit supply? Another example of total mismanagement. What do you do without water?
Our rivers and dams are polluted. It’s time to prosecute and jail incompetants.

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