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SA agrees on pact to fix Eskom

‘Finance mobilised will provide investors with appropriate long-term, stable and reliable social and financial returns.’
The pact commits government to removing all regulatory obstacles that hinder companies from generating their own electricity. Image: Waldo Swiegers, Bloomberg

South Africa’s government, business groups and labour unions said they have agreed on a pact to turn the country’s debt-stricken state-owned power utility around and increase electricity output to address rolling blackouts.

The accord, a copy of which was seen by Bloomberg, calls for Eskom’s R488 billion of debt to be reduced and for adequate resources to be “mobilised” to ensure it becomes financially sustainable – but is scant on detail on how this will be done.

“Finance mobilised will provide investors with appropriate long-term, stable and reliable social and financial returns,” the National Economic Development Council said in the plan, which was agreed Tuesday.

The plan makes no mention of a previous proposal for the Public Investment Corporation, which manages the pensions of state workers and has assets of R2.1 trillion, to take over part of Eskom’s debt. Institutions that make funds available must do so within the mandates, and risk-mitigation processes can’t be compromised, it says.

Greatest threat

Eskom, which provides about 95% of the nation’s power, isn’t selling enough to cover its costs – a legacy of years of mismanagement, inadequate maintenance and overruns at its two newest plants. The utility’s inability to supply sufficient electricity has curbed growth, with Goldman Sachs Inc describing it as the greatest threat to the economy.

The company is at the forefront of a group of South African state-owned companies to have run into financial distress and are now in need of funding. The National Treasury said in July it would also “mobilise” more than R10 billion of funds for bankrupt carrier South African Airways, though the financing has yet to be delivered.

The pact commits the government to removing all regulatory obstacles that hinder companies from generating their own electricity, while businesses agreed to implement projects to add 2 500 megawatts (MW) of supply within two years.

The government has also agreed to buy an additional 2 500MW of emergency power, 500MW more than previously announced.

Eskom was given the green light to renegotiate overly onerous contracts with coal suppliers and independent producers of green power that supply the national grid as soon as possible.

That process will ensure “an outcome that is sustainable for suppliers, ensures a fair return, is affordable to Eskom and is within the confines of the law,” according to the pact.

Other highlights:

  • Eskom needs to review all its material contracts to ensure they aren’t corrupt and that it isn’t overpaying for goods and services.
  • Power prices must be cost-reflective and simultaneously be affordable for businesses and households.
  • Eskom must adopt a zero-tolerance approach toward corruption and law-enforcement agencies should be given the capacity to prosecute anyone found to have misappropriated its funds.
  • Eskom’s operating model will be reviewed with a view to addressing its bloated management structure and associated costs.

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No mention of the bloated workforce. Just management.

They are NOT trying to fix ESKOM if they don’t rightsize the workforce.

Just Socialist mumbo jumbo. Very typical from CR. The plan is flawed right from the start.

Can just laugh at this lot.

Exactly! The normal load of B.S.

Yip- can see more big performance bonuses for all 46 000 workers coming. Viva ANC.

And God said: “Let money be mobilised’. And money was mobilised, sufficiently to His will. Then the ANC said: ‘Let money be mobilsed’. And absolutely fu..thing happened. And still the ANC did not realise they were not God, and went forth in their delusions of adequacy.

‘adequate recourses to be mobilized’? I just love this yuppie new generation speak. 🙂

Will the ANC ever realise that they are not God? “Let money be mobilised” statements will not lead to a miracle (or any positive result at all). They need to drop their illusions of adequacy and enter the real world. Of course it won’t happen… look at any other socialist/fascist entity.

Hilarious, lol, another day in cloud cuckoo land.

A pact. More air-ware like their other imbiso’, plans, task teams, committees, commissions, war rooms and the like. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but intentions don’t pat VAT or tax or get stolen money back or criminals in jail.

End of comments.





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