SA demands Australian minister retract white farmer comments

Pretoria calls in Australian ambassador after Dutton said white farmers deserved “special attention”.
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South Africa demanded on Thursday that Australian interior minister Peter Dutton retract comments that suggested white farmers were being persecuted and deserved protection with special visas from a “civilised country”.

Pretoria hauled in Canberra’s High Commissioner for a diplomatic ticking off over Dutton’s remarks, which also included a description of white farmers facing “horrific circumstances” – a characterisation South Africa has rejected.

“The South African government is offended by the statements which have been attributed to the Australian Home Affairs Minister and a full retraction is expected,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Commenting this week on a documentary about violent rural crime in South Africa, Dutton said the farmers deserved “special attention”, according to the Sydney Morning Herald and other Australian media.

“I do think, on the information that I’ve seen, people do need help and they need help from a civilised country like ours,” Dutton said.

He also pointed to plans by new President Cyril Ramaphosa to allow expropriation of land as a solution to the massive land ownership inequalities that remain more than two decades after the end of apartheid.

Speaking to parliament this week, Ramaphosa said South Africa was not heading down the road towards the type of violent and chaotic seizure of white-owned farms that triggered economic collapse in Zimbabwe nearly 20 years ago.

“We cannot have a situation where we allow land grabs, because that is anarchy,” Ramaphosa said. “We cannot have a situation of anarchy when we have proper constitutional means through which we can work to give land to our people.”

Although violent crime is a serious issue across South Africa, killings on farms, the vast majority of which are white-owned, has become a particularly racially charged issue.

Afriforum, a rights group that mainly represents the views of the white Afrikaner minority, describes being a white farmer as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, saying a white farmer is twice as likely to be murdered as a policemen, and four times as likely as a private citizen.

However, Gareth Newham, a crime expert at the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies, said the evidence was inconclusive, with murder rates for young black men in townships likely to be far higher that for white farmers.

The government denies that whites are deliberately targeted and says farm murders are part of South Africa‘s wider violent crime problem.


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“The government denies that whites are deliberately targeted and says farm murders are part of South Africa‘s wider violent crime problem.” So why are they doing nothing about it? The listeria infection killed far fewer people than the number of white farmers murdered by criminals but gets far more attention from the government. Among the millions of people flooding to Europe and asking for asylum lot of the accepted asylum seekers are coming from places where their chances of getting killed is lower than in SA. I wonder if the EU will start accepting asylum seekers from SA soon.

Australia will be the first country to snap up our farmers and yet again score from our skills.

I hear they have most of our airforce folk there already, wonder what other industries will land up there

Anyone interested in going to Bulgaria? Rich soil, no stock theft, plenty of rain and in EU!

Let me know!

I’ve been reading that the hard numbers show that our farmers are not really that good when compared to the world. Our mielie yields have always been far below the world average, for example. Is this a case of hype outstripping reality?

Farm murders is just allowed to run on. A slow genocide of farmers it started with Peter Mokaba and has suited this government to spread fear in the rural areas.

No guys, ANC politicians can go about this in a much more innovative way. To rebuke the Aussies for inviting local farmers is so backward and defensive and proves a lack of innovation and finesse. Simply return the invitation guys! Invite Aussie farmers to South Africa.

Put the following add in the Sydney Morning Herald: “Brave Aussie farmers welcome in South Africa. If you are tired of living in a exploitative capitalist country, come and redistribute your assets in our socialist country and make a difference.

After countless farm-attacks, stock-thefts and high national- and local government taxes, our government will confiscate what you have left, to bribe ignorant voters. Come and be part of the Rainbow Nation, We are a nation of friendly, law-abiding citizens, ruled by competent politicians”

Try this, it should teach the Aussie government a lesson…….if you can get them to stop laughing.

Haha, that’s classic, made my day!! Unfortunately it will go straight over the heads of those needing the wake up call!

Everyone including the current powers that be, knows that White Minority Capital is what is keeping this country going. This land expropriation is just a bargaining chip for future negotiations with taxpayers and those invested in this country. Perhaps we should start a new political party …The WMC party…we could have white T shirts and berets and start a whole new trend

And wear them in Cmax? Africa is not kind to whites.

After hearing about yet another farm murder, this week in Tulbach on Wednesday, where an elderly farmer was stabbed to death, the anc government’s words are hollow.

In some sick way they try to justify the targeted killing of white farmers as “part of a wider crime problem,” as if it’s actually ok, just deal with it, nothing to see here.

In a quick google search SA ranks in the top 10 of most murderous countries in the world in a variety of surveys. Now it gets called out by another country and they get upset about it. BTW, based on Wikipedia, SA’s murder rate is +- 3500% higher than Australia’s.

Rather than cower behind empty words, rather do something about the crime levels in this country against all it’s citizens, regardless of race.

Thank you Australia for caring about South Africans.

Common sense prevails.

Notice the hypocrisy of demanding that the Ausie minister retracts his statement, but not a single word or demand or even just applying current laws to those spewing out thinly veiled threats to commit geonocide against a certain group.

Me thinks this statement from Australia has hit a nerve, just imagine the exodus of law abiding, tax paying middle class South Africans if other countries made it easier and quicker to emigrate.

Agree 100% with Sensei, why doesn’t SA try attract other farmers to replace those that are certain to go, there appears to be no shortage of able bodied young men looking for a new life elsewhere in the world and Europe seems to be reaching saturation point, lets do the right thing and invite some of them here.

I don’t see long queues outside the Australian Consulate…any takers? Please don’t delay, here is an opportunity to leave. We buy land of those departing, please don’t be the last to leave…any takers? Yappers (if your lips are moving but you have no intention to leave) please don’t waste your breath on commenting while you remain in our land when you have an opportunity to join the criminal (penal) colony of Australia and their decendents.

I would love to leave anytime, please buy my properties, do my pathetic tax
and deposit the money in Australia?

Like most educated, high tax payers, professional, law abiding citizens
we are tired of the pathetic government, politics and crime.

I do not see much of a future for South Africa.

You must have knocked your head against a wall. You want me to pay you for land that was stolen from our Ancestors!? Are you even hearing the nonsense that you are speaking off. Did you come with land here? Do you know of any European who came with even a teaspoon of land onto our shores? You are unthankful and ungrateful as the rest of your ilk, you have the nerve to ask us to pay you for sheltering your people (and saving them from scurvy and other diseases that they brought onto our shores), showing them our magnanimity and now you have the audacity to insult us by demanding a payment for what you stole. Do yourself a favour, just leave…while you may still preserve whatever remains of your dignity (if there is any left). You can go and join your brothers in Australia and enjoy the land stolen from the Aborigines. Ciao.

Unfortunately the offer only applies to farmers. Many others are leaving every day. Something like 70 families per week. This person BageSuge sounds bitter. I am really amazed that we are being constantly threatened with death (the EFF songs and posters, Zuma’s racist songs inticing genocide) and when another nation offers a refuge, the locals show resentment. Why?

Prediction: There will be a growth industry in fake farmers, who can’t get into Australia any other way. The welfare benefits in Australia will be too tempting.

This is where you make a huge mistake when you say “our land”. In a socialist country the land does not belong to the citizens, it belongs to the “state”. In other words, it belongs to the politically connected elite, the members of the Politburo. The citizens are slaves to be controlled and punished.

Sensei – they are being brainwashed in believing that the land will belong to them instead of the state.

Yes, BageSuge, it would certainly be a good thing for South Africa if ALL the racists (including ALL the Black racists, BageSuge) migrated elsewhere.

Love the Aussie style of ‘stuff political correctness’.

End of comments.



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