SA faces second day of load shedding

Capacity shortages remain on Thursday.
The rand weakened on Wednesday following the planned power cuts. Image: Moneyweb

South Africa’s struggling state-owned power utility said it expects to implement a second day of controlled blackouts to prevent a total collapse of the electricity grid amid a shortage of capacity.

Eskom, which provides about 95% of the nation’s electricity, is still experiencing “severe generation capacity challenges,” it said in a statement late Wednesday. The cuts are “a measure of last resort,” it said.

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The rand weakened Wednesday after the utility announced that it would cut 2 000 megawatts from the grid due to unplanned breakdowns at its plants. Eskom last implemented the controlled outages it calls “load shedding” more than six months ago.

The troubled utility, seen as the biggest threat to the economy, has amassed R450 billion of debt and relies on state bailouts to remain solvent. It’s battled to meet demand for electricity because most of its plants are old and have been poorly maintained.

The government has said it will announce plans by the end of the month to restructure Eskom into three operating units and reorganise its debt. A master plan that will determine the country’s electricity generation mix until 2030 has been approved by the Cabinet, Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe said Wednesday.

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Can only laugh at this lot although its no laughing matter.

They will announce a “master Plan” approved by communists and unions. The bloated workforce would remain.

These poor people really have extreme difficulty in learning anything. Its like watching children. Very young children.


What more can one say to eskom, the state owned power utility which has to borrow money just to pay its interest on their irresponsible loans, who uses standby generators as permanent generators, takes 10-years+ to build 2 half concocted power-plants and call it “new”, is over-staffed by +/-27000 employees,etc etc – name should change to: “SA’s most useless,incompetent power company”.

Once again they simply cant understand or get to grip the damaged they have caused overnight in direct monetary terms and even worse – the SA image to the foreign world to make investments in sa – whilst the sa state president tried to convince foreigners at an overseas conference to do so days ago.

Foreigner investors laugh in the faces and our government and the eskoms of sa without the anc even getting the message of a country’s bad foreign image effect.

Yaa. I guess our President is in the dark.

This farce has reached the point where a part of me actually wants to see the electricity grid crash and the zombie apocalypse descend on us. It is the only way that the cadres may come to understand what they have wrought.

When Eskom is split into three, the workforce will also have to be split.

My bet is that there will be at least 10 000 employees on the payroll no one has ever seen.

Look at the timing of the latest Eskom problems – again just as CR were addressing international investors.

When the investors were here at the WEF – same story with zenofobia attacks.

My guess it is the State Capturers that use Zuma’s intelligence operatives to sow havoc, libraries and trains burnt, trucks petrol bombed etc – to make CR look bad.

The treasonous destruction of the State Capturers are continuing.

I can still drink beer at room temperature.

End of comments.





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