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SA rebukes Australian minister for white farmer comments

SA farmers face horrific violence, Australian says.

South Africa rebuked an Australian government minister on Wednesday for suggesting white South African farmers needed help from a “civilised country” and should get special visas due to the “horrific circumstances” they faced at home.

Commenting on a documentary about violent rural crime in South Africa, Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton said the farmers deserved “special attention”, according to Australian domestic media reports.

“I do think, on the information that I’ve seen, people do need help and they need help from a civilised country like ours,” Dutton said.

As another threat to farmers, he also pointed to plans by new President Cyril Ramaphosa to allow expropriation of land as a solution to the massive land ownership inequalities that remain more than two decades after the end of apartheid.

Pretoria dismissed his comments out of hand.

“That threat does not exist,” the foreign ministry said. “There is no reason for any government in the world to suspect that a section of South Africans is under danger from their own democratically elected government.”

“We regret that the Australian government chose not to use the available diplomatic channels available for them to raise concerns or to seek clarification,” it added.

Although violent crime is a serious issue across South African society, killings on farms, the vast majority of which are white-owned, has become a particularly racially charged issue.

Farm murders

Afriforum, a rights group that mainly represents the views of the white Afrikaner minority, describes being a white farmer as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, saying a white farmer is twice as likely to be murdered as a policemen, and four times as likely as a private citizen.

Reuters was not able to verify the figures independently.

Afriforum says that in many cases, farm murders also involve torture.

The government denies that whites are deliberately targeted and says farm murders are part of South Africa’s wider violent crime problem.

Afriforum chief executive Kallie Kriel applauded Dutton for highlighting the issue but said his organisation was not advocating mass emigration.

“Our future is in Africa, not elsewhere,” he said. “But it’s good that there’s international recognition that we have a problem here.”

Speaking to parliament on Tuesday, Ramaphosa said South Africa was not heading down the road towards the type of violent and chaotic seizure of white-owned farms that triggered economic collapse in Zimbabwe nearly 20 years ago.

“We cannot have a situation where we allow land grabs, because that is anarchy,” Ramaphosa said. “We cannot have a situation of anarchy when we have proper constitutional means through which we can work to give land to our people.”

He has also said redistribution will not jeopardise South Africa’s food supply. 


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Im pleased to see that a senior official from a “civilised” country has had the balls to make this very accurate ánd compelling statement. The knee-jerk reaction from the ANC is to be expected as they do not like the truth being told unless it’s THEIR version!

Hear hear!
A few of many gruesome incidents recorded by Afriforum in the past few years on farms around SA the world should know:
“May 2016
A 68-year old man suffered a horrific attack at his home. The attackers forced a towel down his throat and then wrapped a wire around his neck to strangle him. He succumbed to his injuries and was found dead by authorities.
Feb 2017
In Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, Robert Lynn (66) and Sue Howarth (64) both British citizens were attacked on their farm.
Robert had various knife wounds on his back legs and he was burnt on his feet, legs and stomach with a blow torch. The attackers left Robert in a field and Sue was found next to the road where she was still alive, with a plastic bag bound over her head. She died from her injuries in the Afriforum report.
March 2017
In Gauteng, Mrs Niccy Simpson (64) from Kalbasfontein was assaulted during a six-hour long attack where she was burnt with an iron and a bag was pulled over her head in an attempt to try and smother her. Thereafter her feet impaled with an electrical drill and the attackers threatened to cut off her legs with a grinding machine.”
From the above its seems quite clear that Rome is burning and has been since 1994. All while some leaders have time to play golf, visit voting stations, palling up to the populist EFF party, introducing new policies and reforms such as land expropriation without compo and trying to outwit the rating agencies etc.
The worlds no fool and it knows what’s going on in SA and where the current governments priorities lie!

A huge loss to South Africa – magnificent gain for Australia.
South Africa will regret their onslaught against white farmers within a generation.

Is Ramaphosa completely nuts? He is advocating theft which is a criminal activity. He has lost all credibility.

The non-achievers will set forth with the only thing they are good at and return to begging once more

The ANC think they live in a world with no consequences. You cannot continually demonise, threaten, leave unprotected to be slaughtered by (untouchable) criminals and generally make White farmers feel unwelcome and then complain when other countries take their plight seriously. Australia is a smart country. They value skills and people who can contribute, irrespective of race, and they want more of them to make Australia even more successful. Nothing wrong with that – that is how the world works. We seem to want more prosperity with less skilled people. Makes a lot of sense hey? I cannot think of the last time the ANC made me feel welcome.

Give that Australian minister some Bells!

If according to our foreign ministry “That threat does not exist”, then why don’t politicians and the president stop stirring the pot with this rhetoric?

I suppose this is another case of “How do you know that a politician is lying? These lips are moving…”

Stats don’t lie, unlike the SA govt.

“Their own democratically elected Government”, and therein lies the rub for a minority group, when the ruling Party cannot see and treat every single person as equal!!

Give Mr Dutton a bells. this commie ANC are complaining when they went out of their way to rubbish everything the previous regime did.
our lot were taught by Putin and his mates how to criminalize a country.
Politicians ,police they are all part of the farm attack problem.

To think that I once would have died for this country when I was doing my military service. For what? For this once beautiful country that has become a ****hole.

I never in my mind would have considered emigrating to another country, as I was born here and always saw SA as my only country. Now things have changed drastically. Even Australia seems like an attractive option if presented.

I think that if other countries had to create a dedicated visa for SA’s minorities that fast tracked or enabled emigration quickly and easily, there would be 100’s of thousands packing to go, I know that every person in my extended family would start packing tonight, ready to leave tomorrow.

The slow implosion of SA society would accelerate and all those rabble rousers calling for the mass slaughter (Well not right now) or cutting of throats etc would suddenly find their dreams realised, but for how long ??? As I’m certain most leaving would be tax and rate payers, employers of vast numbers of unskilled people. Ultimately the vast majority of people affected by mass unemployment, starvation and the breakdown in law and order would be the very power base these leaders rely on for their power. Beware what you wish for because sometimes you actually get it.

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