SA’s ‘Energy War Room’ to meet for first time

Team to meet on Thursday.
The team is headed by Deputy President David Mabuza. Image: Jairus Mmutle, GCIS

South Africa’s Energy War Room, a grouping of the main cabinet ministers responsible for the power industry, will meet for the first time this week since being reconstituted by President Cyril Ramaphosa in December as the country battles an electricity crisis that’s stalling economic growth.

The team – which is headed by Deputy President David Mabuza and includes the ministers of finance, energy and public enterprises – will meet on Thursday, according to the deputy president’s office, which didn’t give further detail.

The so-called war room was previously established in 2014 to tackle the power shortages that have dogged the country since 2008 and was tasked with improving maintenance of power plants and the payment of debts to state-power utility Eskom by state companies and municipalities. While neither issue has been resolved, Eskom’s new CEO Andre de Ruyter has made maintenance a priority, saying it is necessary to boost and stabilise power generation in coming years.

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a joke?
and the world calls the Chinese acting perhaps two weeks late on the novel corona virus a failure..

winter 2020 in SA is going to be interesting..

Plenty back-slapping & a lovely photo op…..Moving on….

*leans over to neighboring fat cat, whispers* I heard that Tito wanted to be in the war room. Did you know that the US war room has lots of TV screens. We need at least a few. *smiles for cameras*

First order of business: next month’s meeting must have better tea & refreshments. Comments?… So to sum up we want *refers to notepad* lemon cookies for Minister Mantashe, napoleons for Minister Radebe, and samosas for Minister Gordhan.

they left an H and an O and an E out of war. headed up Mabuza ? this tells you that the idea is as serious as trying to bottle farts.

Energy war room led by DD Mabuza? Really? No pun intended, but was is not DD Mabuza who said that he doesn’t know whether S.A is in the 1st,2nd or 3rd Industrial revolution sometime late last year?

Are we as country expected to put our faith in him to deal with the ongoing power problems and lead us to the promised land? quite funny!!

hahahaha ANC is a laugh a minute. What jokers. Fits right in with Africa style of circus.

” a grouping of the main cabinet ministers responsible for the power industry” so the least intelligent and least capable people in the country.

This is a joke right? THey have the date wrong – its not April 1 yet

They’re just gonna sit en kfc vreet .

Few incompetent ministers coming together to discuss what they will order for lunch. A total disgrace to all South Africans! I’m ashamed… 🙁

It seems you have forgotten to mention who was appointed to head up the 2014 Energy War Room – none other than Cyril Ramaphosa. Recall how effective that was – the looting continued unabated and so did the failure to maintain plant and machinery etc. Nothing changed then – why expect any changes now?

End of comments.





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