SA’s youth unemployment a ‘national crisis’ – president

‘We are very much alive to the fact that youth unemployment is indeed a national crisis.’
Creating jobs is a major challenge for Cyril Ramaphosa as he aims to reignite an underperforming economy. Picture: Siyabulela Duda

Youth unemployment in South Africa has become a “national crisis”, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday at an event commemorating youth activism during the apartheid era.

Unemployment in Africa’s most advanced economy has remained stubbornly high since white minority rule ended 25 years ago, and creating jobs is a major challenge for Ramaphosa as he aims to reignite an underperforming economy.

Unemployment inched up to 27.6% in the first quarter, official data showed in May, underscoring the task faced by Ramaphosa after his ANC party won re-election last month.

An expanded category of unemployment, including people who have stopped looking for work, rose to 38% in the first quarter from 37.0% in the previous three-month period.

“We are very much alive to the fact that youth unemployment is indeed a national crisis,” Ramaphosa told an audience of mainly young people and students on National Youth Day.

The day honours scores of students killed during the 1976 Soweto uprising that helped focus global attention on the brutality of apartheid.

According to government agency Stats SA, the burden of unemployment is concentrated among the 15-34 age group who account for almost two-thirds of the jobless. Around four out of 10 young people do not have a job. 

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Blame whites! Blame apartheid! But never blame the ANC for the worst education system in the world

Where does he blame apartheid? A significant portion of the speech was about education.

Deflecting much? White guilt?

Er, pot meet kettle. Maybe bob was just giving Cyril the usual suggestions an ANC apparatchik would spout.

Mr.President, we know that youth unemployment is a crisis, the question is what are you going to do about it?

There does not seem to be a clear plan on how to address the unemployment, The ANC does not know what to do.

I suggest your inept anc cadres and marxust ideology are a “national crisis”, ramaphoza?….get real FFS!

It’s not a crisis. It’s a consequence.

The genius of Ramaphosa and the ANC! Youth unemployment has been out of control for at least a decade yet Ramaphosa says this now. Black people have not been so disrespected as by their esteemed ANC leaders. Other than overthrow the shocking and corrupt ANC Government what else can be done to save this hopeless nation?

When I tell people to tweak systems, change one variable at a time. This is how you know what made the changes. It sounds simple but economies are complex interdependent dynamic systems. Changing one variable can have deep reaching effects as re-equilibration to the changes take place at all levels. The ANC, could however, have been a whole lot less arrogant and learned from the mistakes of others. Instead they opted for learning the hard way- as Dunning Krugerites do. The ANC decided that a redistributionist rather than a wealth creation state was in order. They figured that individuals and companies could be milked and denigrated as they saw fit- and they did. However, decision making individuals adjusted their decision making- as they do. Emigration, capital flight and divestment became the order of the day. The ANC decided to imbue unskilled workers with unimaginable rights but absolutely zero obligations. Employees were bound up in red tape and forced to employ based on race rather than ability. Competitiveness imploded. Industry and individuals responded by simply not hiring and automating if possible. They ANC thought it would all be business as usual but underlying changes refuted this. Complex systems at work. The ANC thought they could commandeer the entire wedding cake (economy) for themselves but they are going to end up with a cupcake and still be wondering what happened. The ANC have destroyed the future of tens of millions as the last vestiges of hope are erased.

Not the best advise. If it takes so long for the equilibrium to come through, and there are external disturbances, then you will never be certain of the effect anyway. It would be far wiser to make politically expedient decisions for one’s own survival.

I hope you don’t charge for your advice.

The pseudo science from socialists and economist at play.

Not sure there is ever “equilibrium”.. perhaps Zimbabwe is close to it?
Botswana seems to be the only African country capable of managing capitalism to the benefit of the country..

“Unemployment in Africa’s most advanced economy has remained stubbornly high since white minority rule ended 25 years ago” + AA/ EE/ BBBEE = unemployment.

Like SA sport- more worried about racial colours than actually winning the match.

No more Africa’s largest economy but “most advanced”. That’s the problem. Most advanced does not employ the numbers.

The 15-34 age group is the group receiving the largest portion of child grants. Some for more than 5 children. That does not help much either.

And Zindzi Mandela is doing her bit to help. She really takes after her mother with a matchboxes and tyre mentality.

Don’t forget the diamond scandal with the Krantz’s and Stompie!

Don’t think the ANC has totally run out of ideas. They’ve still got a few hopeless notions they want to try.

Like workshops for the youth to master the 4th industrial revolution. All done in like a 3 hour class.

Or it’s now okay to hire without previous work experience. How on earth does that create a single new job?

Question is, when these fail abysmally who are they going to blame?

There’s just no critical thinking in the entire organisation.

“1976 Soweto uprising that helped focus global attention on the brutality of apartheid” A bad event yes. What about Marikana? Apartheid is past , Why focus on apartheid? In current SA violent crime and unemployment is 100 times worse. Should we not focus on the current problem?

Only someone who hasn’t yet paid their debts will want to pretend that the two have past and the present have nothing to do with one another.

Maybe they must each get a piece of land and go and farm. It requires no skill, ability or hard work etc.

And unemployment has not “remained” stubbornly high. It has deteriorated rapidly since the end of apartheid even after sanctions were lifted.

As a retired farmer I see your tongue in cheek!!

When I was still farming I would occasionally need a few extra hands. I would send my manager to town to find a few extras for the day, two meals included. He often returned empty, the reason?? farming was hard work not for them, rather sit in town hungry.

End of comments.





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