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South Africans told to prepare for a new week of rolling blackouts

Further plant breakdowns on Sunday affecting an already constrained system.

Eskom has warned that it may continue rolling blackouts throughout the week as power cuts entered a fifth day.

Eskom said it’s cutting 2 000 megawatts from the grid on Monday, extending the electricity shortages, known locally as load shedding. Plant breakdowns resulted in the utility losing as much as 12 000 megawatts on Sunday. Debilitating power outages in Africa’s most industrialised economy have emerged as the biggest threat to economic growth.

“There is a high probability of load-shedding until the end of the week,” Eskom said in a statement.

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Eskom cut 4 000 megawatts from the grid on Friday, the highest degree the utility has implemented to prevent a collapse of the grid since March. The state-owned company which provides about 95% of South Africa’s electricity, is struggling with a R454 billion debt and declining revenue.

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The manifestation of a country merging towards to the mean average of the Dark Continent.

(…some years later, it will be a sensible idea to rather publish schedules when the power is expected to be ON. Will be easier to read. Yes, laugh now. Later the joke will be on us.)

This really emphasises and underlines the statement often made by CR that SA is open for business.

Maybe for those selling candles.

Stop complaining! The majority of the citizens of this great rugby playing landed voted for this 57% or worse-another 11% for the VBS looters.

Democracy-has responsibilities as well as rights

So silly sheep-watch the economy contract further, crime and unemployment escalate and the great Azanaia join the rest of the hopeless continent in misery

I suspect the State Capturers have a hand in these blackouts as well – they try to prove that CR is failing.

The pattern is the burning of the trains, trucks, libraries and the flaming of zenofobia and fomenting of racial incidents, for example Eben Etzebeth.

I am wondering if I should break out the lights for the Christmas tree……………………

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