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The 2017 Money Expo will help you to start your investment journey

Bringing you the tools to better manage your money.

South Africa is going through a very interesting time economically with a focus on entrepreneurship and the transfer of wealth in the country. Moneyweb is passionate about financial education and we want to be at the forefront of this initiative in South Africa. 

Moneyweb launched the Money Expo in 2015 with the aim of bringing together financial experts, fund managers and entrepreneurs to help you have a better relationship with your money and take your business to the next level.  

Some of the exciting events taking place:

  • Our Boutique Asset Manager conference brings together some of the top names in the industry and is ideal for financial planners and wealth managers.
  • If you are an entrepreneur running or developing an IP-rich business, you can find out how to access grants from various government institutions.  
  • Need to kickstart your financial life? Join author and public speaker Douglas Kruger to answer the question “Is your thinking keeping you poor?
  • Ladies: Join the popular “Stocks For Frocks workshop” or live-stream on Saturday July 29 2017, and learn about the world of investing and have some fun doing it.

Registration to attend The 2017 Money Expo is FREE and you can register here.

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You know I deal with the average South African’s money situations daily. They pay HUGE interest to the banks on their HOUSE (1st five years ALL interest) Car & Credit cards. All I see is some brokers selling them retirement annuities, funeral policies and MORE LIFE COVER! So the answer must be, if you want money DIE or Retire, That’s what you are buying. When you take your debt interest and add inflation there is a VERY GOOD chance you are not going forward with your investment interest.Ever have the feeling like you are not getting ahead in life financially? Do you know why? You’re probably not. Financing a car every 5 or 6 years costs you 2 million Rand out of your future. Nice car ?? Do you have your first million yet?

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