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Trump comment extremely offensive to South Africa, official says

Deputy secretary-general of the ANC Jessie Duarte slams the US President’s remarks.

Comments by US President Donald Trump referring to some African nations as “shithole countries” are extremely offensive to South Africa, a senior official with the ANC party said on Friday.

“Ours is not a shithole country, neither is Haiti or any other country in distress,” Jessie Duarte, the deputy secretary general of the ANC, said at a news conference in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province.

Two sources told Reuters that Trump on Thursday questioned why the United States would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations, referring to some as “shithole countries”.

“It’s not as if the United States doesn’t have problems. There is unemployment in the US, there are people who don’t have healthcare services,” Duarte told reporters.

She added: “We would not deign to make comments as derogatory as that about any country that has any kind of socioeconomic or other difficulties.”


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If the shoe fits, wear it, Pillock

I am entitled to a point of view, and as for me it is a SHITHOLE COUNTRY.

It’s a matter of perception.

If it’s all you know, then fine, maybe it doesn’t seem like a SH.

If you know better (as most should), SA is a SH country, and will continue to be so until the SA population (as a majority) start behaving more responsibly and thinking more critically.

Indeed SA is the definition of a SH country at every single level.

For sure there are problems….but SH country on every level? You are wrong.

Ja well you slam the US pres for a statement yet you sit quietly and bless the coruption of namba one. Rather just keep quite.

A person as stupid as Trump can turn any country into a sh. Our problem is that America only has 1 Trump, while we have got millions.


…Dow Jones at well over 25000+
…Interest rates re-normalizing
…Unemployment at multi-decade lows
…ISIS crushed (were never the same again after MOAB)
…N & S Korea in talks
…Illegal immigration at all time lows
…Corporate Tax rates reduced from 35 to 20%
…Growth rate 3% and climbing
…66% of US citizens happy with economy
…Multinationals & manufacturing returning to US Soil (Fiat Chrysler one example today)

If he is stupid, give me stupid any day.

Dumb comment from someone I thought knew better, but I guess you buy the Libtard MSM narrative….SAD!

…Dow Jones at well over 25000+ << MASSIVELY over bought, major correction due
…Interest rates re-normalizing << re-what? 25 Basis points a year?, meanwhile the interest due piles up…
…Unemployment at multi-decade lows << you believe that you believe in fairies
…ISIS crushed (were never the same again after MOAB) << you sure? After WWII the Yanks have never won a war anywhere or on anything.
…N & S Korea in talks << not because of the USA tho.
…Illegal immigration at all time lows << maybe… maybe not
…Corporate Tax rates reduced from 35 to 20% << sure, pity all the corporates have left for tax havens long ago.
…Growth rate 3% and climbing << fueled by debt spending, this will stop eventually.
…66% of US citizens happy with economy << comment above: debt spending.
…Multinationals & manufacturing returning to US Soil (Fiat Chrysler one example today) << One swallow does not a summer make…

But otherwise, yeah a SH..

Here are headlines you won’t read in almost any major American newspaper, hear on any of the evening news programs, or see in your Yahoo “news” feed:

Dow Hits 87 Record Closes Since Trump Elected
Texas Hero Was NRA Instructor
Dow Reaches Four 1,000 Point Milestones in One Year for the First Time Ever
ISIS on the Run, Almost Completely Destroyed
New Home Sales Highest in a Decade
Texas Hero Uses AR-15 to Save the Day
Dow Hits Two Streaks Lasting More Than Ten Days, First Time Since 1959
Trump Donates One Million Dollars of His Own Money to Hurricane Victims
U.S. Economy Gains Over Six Trillion in New Capital
U.S. Senator Viciously Attacked by Deranged Socialist Neighbor
U.S. Economy Grows at 3% for First Time Since Bush Administration
Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years

Just remember **They lie **

Well Jessie Duarte you have some selling to do. We are not exactly an African shining example what with all the plundering and self enrichment orchestrated by yourself and your cohorts.

Hmm I think it’s more a case of the truth hurts. Trump is just saying what everyone else in the US is thinking. You may not like it but it’s really difficult for most African countries to avoid that label.

Not very political correct but it is however accurate. I have never heard of illegal immigrants flocking to Haiti or El Salvador. Also not all African countries was mentioned. There is definitely a few that qualify that is less than ideal.

Last year I spent a week in Angola and learned that there is not one single public hospital in Angola. Seriously not even one (other than the Red Cross and some NGO’s). If you can’t afford private healthcare, its simple: you die. Public schooling is equally poor. Yet Isabella dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa and her father has ruled Angola with an iron fist since 1979. No political dissent is tolerated and corruption is simply a way of life. That probably explains why we don’t see so many Europeans spending months at sea to flee from Switzerland or Norway for a better life in Angola or Zimbabwe.

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