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Two killed in knife attack at mosque in South Africa

The attacker was shot dead by the police.

Two worshippers were stabbed to death and another two injured on Thursday at a mosque near South Africa‘s tourist city of Cape Town by an attacker who was shot dead by police.

The attack comes a month after three men armed with guns and knives slit the throats of three worshippers at a mosque north of the port city of Durban, killing one person and seriously injuring two others.

The Muslim Judicial Council said worshippers were performing “l’tikaf” or seclusion in the mosque when the knifeman entered and joined congregants in morning prayers.

“Just after 3 am, when the worshippers retreated to rest, the assailant attacked the imam first and then murdered the members who came to the imam’s defence,” it said in a statement.

Police said the attack near Durban showed “elements of extremism”. They did not comment further on the motive behind the killings in Malmesbury, a small farming town 40 miles (65 km)north of Cape Town.

The city and the Western Cape province in which it is located is home to the largest community of Muslims in South Africa.

“The suspect, believed to be in his thirties and armed with a knife, was still on the scene and charged at the police who tried to persuade him to hand himself over,” police said in a statement. The suspect was shot as he attacked officers, police said.

Africa‘s most industrialised country has a large expatriate community and attracts many tourists but has seldom been associated with Islamist militancy. 


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This is further proof that the safest place in South Africa is underground in the Sibanye mine. The risk of violent death for a mine worker increases exponentially as he moves above ground. The most dangerous profession in South Africa is above ground – farming.

…come to think about it, there is certain truth in what you’re saying.

Googled some stats:
Mining deaths (in SA) was reported to be 73 fatalities in 2016; 88 in 2016; and (to date in 2018) 22 deaths due to mining accidents.

Now, let’s compared that to:

Annual road deaths in SA: around 14,000 p.a. (it’s like 3-4 fully packed commercial airliners falling every month)

Murders (assault/robbery/rape crimes)…about 19,000 in 2017, and 18200 in 2016 & 18100 in 2015.

OK, one can play with stats, knowing that mining is the profession for a small % of population. But still…makes one wonder!

but as stated, it is still the reality, you are still more likely to be murdered.

Even if you do the calculations per capita, being a mine worker is about the safest job in South Africa. Mine workers and prison wardens are insulated against the brutality and violence average citizens have to face daily. 80 out of 100 000 people die from violence every year, while the miners who die underground are less than 10 per 100 000. Above ground is 8 times more dangerous than underground. Working for government as a policeman or nurse is more dangerous than working for Sibanye as a miner.

Statistics is the tool for intelligent people to sidestep the emotional debate. The ANC and union officials love the emotional debate because the facts contradict their opinions.

So sad, the killer seems to have an issue with the Imam. At the start of Eid, sad. Sounds like a radical

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