Whites own 73% of SA’s farming land, City Press says

Ownership by black farmers increases in most-fertile provinces.
Picture: Bloomberg News

White farmers own almost three-quarters of South Africa’s agricultural land, even after 23 years of government efforts to redistribute land to the black majority, City Press reported, citing a land audit by farm lobbying group Agri SA.

Some 73.3% of agricultural land is owned by whites, down from 85.1% in 1994, the year South Africa first held democratic elections, the newspaper reported.

Black ownership has increased markedly in some of the country’s most fertile provinces. Black farmers own 74% of the land in KwaZulu-Natal and 52% in Limpopo, City Press reported, citing the report to be released this week.

Total acreage available for farming fell 4% over the 23 years reviewed, as mining and expanding municipalities took over agricultural land, according to economist Johann Bornman, who conducted the audit for the lobbying group.

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,,,and we say we dont want to be another Zimbabwe when such glaring disparities and inequalities are perpetuated 23 years on. I shall not speech..

Stop complaining, go onto property24 and buy a farm. It is as easy as that – and many black people can do so with the money they made from BEE. You’ll be surprised to see how many farms are on the market.

…im not compaining but juss airing my views. The farms you want black people to buy are on their land. Its not politics im paddling here but the crux of the matter. They black people want their land and not what you want them to buy..

…do i strike you as someone complaining? Nada. The farms are on the black people’s land. They black people want their land or at least it be equaitably distributed. They dont want what you want them to buy.

99.2% of whites do not own agricultural land. Now, through the exploitation of cheap, populist politics, you want to destroy the economy, and cut off your own nose, because some white people happen to own land. It does not make any sense to me, but is makes a lot of sense to a cheap, inept and corrupt socialist politician I suppose.

Just another case of people wanting equality of outcome. The world does not work that way. It is impossible.

Just as well, if it was the other way around we would be starving.

We need a few more stats so that this argument is balanced.

% of ground owned by blacks? Split into land given and land bought. Take that further to who is actually producing not just living off it.?
% owned by ANC ie government?

Yes here it comes all whites stole the land. Then so did all the Americans, stole it from the Indians.

If we going to labor the stealing thing, no we whites did not steal from the blacks we stole it from the Koi San so any Black with land stole it from the Koi San too.

The land debate is a funny old bird. But as white South Africans we must understand above all that we have to answer for our past. And that means debate and deliberation. We shouldn’t shy away from dialogue even in inane quandaries like this one.

Please read http://www.observer.co.za R100 million -life buoy
It deals with the bailout of Zebediela citrus farm a once thriving citrus farm
(biggest privately owned in the world) started by Mr Slazenger with his own money many years ago. it was handed back to to community ala landclaim.
Has gone from bad to worse due to typical african corruption and incompetence, now looking to the baas for another bailout.
just keep forcing the whites off the farms and soon we will have to import all our food.

End of comments.





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