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Covid travel restrictions devastate Africa’s tourism

Many nations on the continent rely on tourism to support their economies.
Image: Bloomberg

Global restrictions on travel have dealt a devastating blow to African nations who depend on tourists and their hard currency to support an industry that employs millions of people on the continent.

National carriers in Mauritius, Kenya and Namibia run into more financial trouble as flights were grounded. In South Africa, listed hotel group, Sun International, announced two of its casinos won’t reopen after the country’s coronavirus lockdown ends. The Kenyan government expects losses of as much as $511 million in hotel-room revenue if the pandemic persists.

The following charts show the importance of the tourism sector to parts of the continent, as well as the pain lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus have caused.

Travel and tourism contributed $168 billion to African economies last year, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. Island nations including Mauritius and Seychelles heavily rely on the travellers for revenue.

Several African economies without mineral resources and oil have managed to monetise their beaches and wildlife. Uganda and Rwanda are popular destinations for mountain gorilla trekking, while Mauritius, Seychelles and Comoros have drawn millions of tourists seeking seaside holidays. Spending by these visitors, a key source of revenue, has dried up since March.

In 2019, the number of visitors to Mauritius was about 1.4 million — that was more than its population of 1.3 million people. The picture changed when the Indian Ocean island nation imposed a lockdown from March 20 and arrivals for April, May and June were almost zero. The country recorded its last Covid-19 death on April 27, but that won’t be enough to get tourists back. Its national carrier, key to transferring the guests, was placed under voluntary administration and travel restrictions remain in Mauritius’s biggest source-markets including France and South Africa.

South Africa, the impact of restrictions on the movement of people and business, also showed up in domestic-tourism numbers. Income from accommodation fell 99% during the first full month of the lockdown, and has yet to recover. The crash in food-and-beverage sales eased slightly in May as restaurants opened for delivery, but a renewed ban on the sale of alcohol could further weigh on the industry. Travel for leisure is still only allowed within provinces, which means seaside holidays and most game resorts are off limits to people in Gauteng, the richest and most populous province.

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Afraid the tourism game is over for 2020 and beyond.

There is no way SA, Kenya or similar will be able to afford / vaccinate its populations possibly ever. They will likely remain on the travel ban list for years to come.

Mauritius however has a functional state and will be the first to attract tourists again.

Not after the massive oil spill in Mauritius.

The fact that AFRICA even thought about locking down BEGGARS BELIEF.

– average age 23
– abundant sunshine and heat
– everything to lose and nothing to gain
– tourism is everything to most of Africa now they have crippled themselves

This African self inflicted idiocy (what were/are they thinking), will kill many more millions than Covid ever was going to or will kill.

23,000 deaths on a continent of 1,3 billion (18 per million). If you remove RSA and Egypt this death toll drops to 8,000 out of 1,138 billion or only 7 deaths per million! Where is that evil Ferguson, where are his 3,3 million deaths.

South Africa is set to lose over 4 million jobs. Majority of the deaths are in their late 70`s or 3 times the African average. So SA has deliberately sacrificed 500 jobs for every elderly person that has succumbed to covid 19 – remember all politicians admit we cannot avoid the virus, just slow it down. Everyone dying all over the world is average age (Aussie 82/ USA 79/ UK 81) – these are in large all people that would have died in 6mths anyway.

Some African countries have no deaths! So SA might have a bad death toll relatively speaking – but think about Mozambique/ Uganda etc – 10 deaths or so. On average they are sacrificing 50 – 100,000+ jobs per SINGLE DEATH – for what, a pat on the back from WHO!? Thanks you toed the line…

OK when you consider this in the context of your average dictator and the socialist Utopia that is AFRICA and RSA – then Covid and a NOVEL LOCK DOWN, was and is a GOD send. Silence all political dissent and get the keys to the cookie jar, with no western leaders threatening massive sanctions. They get to do what they always wanted without worrying about global public opinion – why because their old colonial rulers, are all destroying their countries in largely the same way.

Think radical economic transformation and corruption on steroids!

Great comment and agree 100%.

The worst of it all is that the main stream media around the world is yet to comprehend the futility of the lockdowns, serving instead as government apologists.

Our Sunday Times hasn’t come close to questioning the sanity of the lockdowns…a fact glaringly obvious to anyone with half a brain.

As for our politicians – just more proof (as though we needed it) of their crass carelessness and stupidity.

The average annual amount of malaria deaths per population size in Sub-Saharan Africa is about the same as the covid mortality rate in the USA. Covid does not justify travel bans. The WHO is a destructive Central Planning disaster that was unleashed on humanity.

248 per 100 000 of the population die of TB in South Africa every year.
190 per 100 000 dies of cancer in the USA.
11 000 per 100 000 dies of diabetes in the USA and SA annually.
A mere 48 per 100 000 died of covid in the USA.

Covid is a non-event. An overreaction of epic proportions. The biggest mistake of the decade and the most devastating economic disaster in history. Lockdown is insanity and it shows the dangers when ignorant and naive politicians with their personal agendas have unlimited powers.

Politicians and academics who keep on supporting lockdown measures are guilty of economic sabotage and murder. Shame on them!

Exactly – CONTEXT. Something the global mainstream media intentionally omit and avoid, as they are part of the socialist problem.

I am sure you have noticed that seen as the global media GHOULS no longer have deaths to obsess over – our focus is drawn to daily cases, as if it is a big deal, when it is a non-event.

Today a perfect example on the UK news – they are talking of a second lock down, because of a SPIKE in cases! They had 1,002 today, with usual 74% asymptomatic – with 8 new deaths. Yet they are discussing closing down shops, pubs and cinemas to open schools – if people want something now they must sacrifice something else!?!?

They forget to tell you that in April they were only testing 5,000 people a day – now they are testing 200,000 a day – 40 times more. So a 1,000 new cases today was only 25 in April. Same all over the world – lets not get into double and triple counting etc.

Believe it or not – this lot are hell bent on a 2nd lock down – well we never really rolling got out of the first. They dare not apologise for getting it wrong so doubling down – they now NEED a 2nd lock down to cover their mess – lest the world sees the real economic damage caused by nonsensical actions. It is easier to control riots in a curfew and lock down environment.

Idiots like Boris Johnson have done more for the socialist cause in the UK in 3 months, than the Marxists have done in 200 years!

We have to ask ourselves who the individuals are who actually do support lockdown measures when all libertarians, individualists, capitalists and free-market supporters are anti-lockdown?

Who are not part of this group? The public sector workers, those who do not know where their salaries come from. The SADTU members and all the rest who believe the National Treasury can print money at will to pay them. The blue-collar workers in the private sector who do not have the mental capacity to make the connection between the food on his table and the profit margin of his employer.

Ignorance drives lockdown measures. Lockdown is the mechanism by which the supporter of this strategy will turn his situation into a manifestation of his mindset. He will destroy the free-market mechanism that has supported him up to now. From now on forward the socialists will be forced to live with the consequences of their ignorance, but they will, no doubt, keen on blaming the capitalist.

my biggest concern is this is not the last pandemic. More will come and the idjit politicians will use them as an excuse to limit our personal freedoms and grab and hold onto power. This is the biggest threat to democracy I can recall. To my mind this is only the beginning. And to think that people of the intellect we have in cabinet in SA are making significant life decisions about me and my family scares me way, way more than the virus.

The African governments deliberately bankrupting people and businesses!!!!

These clowns did not come up with this Plandemic by themselves. It was suggested to them By Western elites, I’m sure you can figure out who. They are however aided and abetted by the SA media pushing this narrative. Now these same South African MSM weasels are as shocked and disappointed as Squirrel at the inevitable corruption and yet they still ask no logical questions or give context to the Convid numbers that they continuously hype.

I dont believe anything this circus government says,specially their covid numbers.Theres an agenda behind this lockdown.

Eugenics an the superior. The famous working class spoiled their fun for to long. Today all fun is coming back with a promising outlook. Living space for fun like hunting, traveling, you name it, is coming back. Worldwide vaccination will make sure of demise in human numbers, know for crowding this planet. One prominent member, friend of Bill, said from the start, NO return to old ways. Meaning his view of the country must be height up a mountain, famous for clouds.

Classic reverse of agree to disagree.
On democracy, We sometimes forget the portion of “by the people” which they the politics love for comfort sake of good night sleep “you the people put me here”
As to the numbers unfortunately Trump was right to counter on WHO “stop the testing”
In SA in the middle of the 11,000 to 13,000 daily run on the 27 +28 July we had 2x good days of positive results with only 7,164 daily average cases which was a 65% drop, but all a result of the equivalent daily testing which for those 2x days also went down by 65% to 28,429 from the then average of ± 43,500 daily tests.
The exact same theory can be applied on the 20 + 21st of July and now gain on the 3 + 4th August.
Of all the graphics there is one constant number that of + cases versus number of testes from 1st July to 9th August remains a constant 25.08% on an average of 40,511 daily tests.
With the highest on the 13th July at 28.72 and lowest on the 8th August at 21.54
The good news being my previous early days estimate of ± 22nd August of SA reaching the Million mark as been pushed right back to early November.
This based on complicated mix of daily average infection rate of ± 8,500 and a daily reduction on the daily average infection of 1.6% all marinated with the number of active cases which has come down nicely from a high of 50% in June which, currently is down to 25% of total number of cases.
On the Tourism front in Africa it’s still viewed as Western “thing” and slave masters in power do not take a liking to that simple of life’s pleasures.

End of comments.





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