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Dung beetles and MPs who are ‘pink pigs’

After hearing they would get US dollar bonuses, Zimbabwe’s civil servants have been left disappointed yet again.
If the naysayers dare it, ‘we will amend the law that we want President Emmerson Mnangagwa forever’ said Zimbabwe’s vice president. Image: Bloomberg

The rains have returned to Zimbabwe, breaking an unbearably hot couple of weeks that left us melting the moment we stepped outside.

Green is everywhere and with it has come the weird and wonderful, the absurd and the insulting, and the downright shameful.

First the weird and wonderful.

The noise of the rain on the roof at night; searing flashes of lightning streaking down the purple sky; teeth marks in the soft green flesh of avocados that have fallen during the rain; a grey bone-filled owl pellet under a big msasa tree.

Freshly churned mole hills marching in a line across sodden ground; figs so big they almost fill your palm, being gorged on by barbets and louries, bulbuls and white-eyes.

And out there in the bush dung beetles in a frantic frenzy, digging holes in the soft damp ground, running to grab balls of dung, rolling them backwards to their holes and burying their precious food or using it to make underground breeding chambers.

Then comes the absurd, as politicking and electioneering moves up a gear as election 2023 gets nearer.

The not-so-wonderful

In the past fortnight the chair of Zimpapers (Zimbabwe Newspapers Group) said “we want to do the best we can to support the government, to support the system”…

Editors “should not be ashamed of supporting the ruling party” as this is a “national agenda”.

Next came the words of Vice President Constantine Chiwenga, speaking in Beitbridge: “Zanu PF will rule forever and if they [the naysayers] dare, we will amend the law that we want President Emmerson Mnangagwa forever”.

The insulting

Next there was the insulting, which came from the Zanu PF Director of Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, who called British MPs “pink pigs”.

This came after UK MPs expressed concerns about the declining political situation in Zimbabwe. Lord St John Bletso said the British government would only support Zimbabwe’s bid to rejoin the Commonwealth when Harare restored the rule of law and protected freedom of speech and political freedoms.

Mugwadi responded by saying: “The UK Embassy and UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe Melanie Robinson must be the most embarrassed by such classical stupidity.

“Sit down pink pigs.”

Finally there was the downright shameful …

After telling civil servants they would get US dollar bonuses, last week they heard it would be to a maximum value of US$700 and would not be paid in US dollars but in Zimbabwe dollars at a conversion rate of 97 to one.

So for your US$700 you will get Z$68 000, whereas if you got the US$700 in your hand and changed it on the black market where the street rate is 175 to one at the moment, you would get Z$122 500.

A huge difference of Z$54 500 – and a major loss to civil servants who have been kept in near penury for many years; they find themselves the losers again and again and again.

© Cathy Buckle



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I, and perhaps other regular readers of Ms Buckle’s often heart wrenching column would be interested in the tribal make-up of the political parties.

Are we seeing a power conflict between Shona and Ndebele at the expense of the average Mr/Mrs Zimbabwe? And if so, which one is leaving to come to SA?

You are so right…tribal conflict is what drives politics in Africa. This is one of the many downfalls that destroy the idea of true Democracy on this Continent! And it keeps African politicians from addressing the problem that they should be addressing – education and birth control! In my opinion.

End of comments.



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