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Mozambique asks EU for help in tackling insurgency

Insurgents are seizing important towns for brief periods and hitting military and other key targets.
Image: Chris Ratcliffe, Bloomberg

Mozambique has asked the European Union for support in tackling a wave of militant attacks in the country’s north by rebels with links to Islamic State, a conflict that has raised fears for stability and security in southern Africa.

The Islamist attacks in Cabo Delgado province date to 2017 but the violence has gathered pace this year, with insurgents seizing important towns for brief periods and hitting military and other key targets.

The Portuguese news agency Lusa said on Tuesday Mozambique had written to EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell to ask for help in training its armed forces to battle the insurgency.

In the letter, Mozambique – which is a former Portuguese colony – also requested medical equipment and humanitarian assistance to help victims of the conflict, according to Lusa.

A EU spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday the bloc had received a letter from Mozambique’s foreign ministry and said, without providing further details, a reply would be “prepared and sent in due time”.

“The government of Mozambique and the EU have opened a policy dialogue, with a focus on humanitarian, development and security issues in Cabo Delgado,” he said, adding the bloc was ready to discuss “options for assistance”.

The EU will “review all available means of support in the light of the outcome of the dialogue”, he said.

The plea for help came as a report from the World Food Programme on Tuesday said that over 300,000 people had fled the violence in Cabo Delgado to neighbouring provinces.

It also came amid accusations of human rights abuses by Mozambican authorities in the northern conflict zone.

Amnesty International reported earlier this month it had seen videos showing soldiers in government uniforms committing atrocities against alleged fighters in Cabo Delgado.

Mozambique’s defence ministry dismissed the report, saying militants regularly impersonated soldiers.


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Why ask the colonialists?

Why not ask “the glorious movement” or the “Chair” That’s the “chair” of the AU?? Should Africa not solve its own problems?

When the chips are down there is not much time or “stomach” for this AU thing. Wonder why??? Lack of trust maybe?

Should the “Chair” not jump in and come to the rescue?

Excellent remarks, Mmmm. So very true, they can even get baas juliaas with his red overall to fire his toy AK-47 in public LM, maybe IS will take a skrik. Personally, I think IS would rather flee away from his unlimited brainless loud-mouthed arrogance only exceeded by the lack of intelligence.

Minister Pandor offered military assistance 3 weeks ago. The fact that Mozambique now approach the EU just shows that they prefer assistance from a professional army, which we do not have anymore. They should however be aware that european armies do not have a great track record in Africa. A handful of untrained and ill equipped boers kept the British army quite busy for a while.

You can ask anybody for assistance eg. I am short of R1m. Who do I ask?
to name a few possibilities:
– absa
– cyril afterall he is related to Patrice.
– my mom
– my brother?
– et al
or am I restricted?

Why bother to assist ?? It will just all collapse again– Africa.

End of comments.





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