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Zimbabwe seeks to bar citizens talking to foreign states

The proposed law will also criminalise the staging of protests which coincide with the hosting of major international and continental events by the country.
Image: Waldo Swiegers / Bloomberg

Zimbabwe’s cabinet wants to bar its citizens from holding “unauthorised” communication and negotiations with hostile governments.

“Such communication or negotiation has a direct or indirect implication on Zimbabwe’s foreign relations and policy,” Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa told reporters Tuesday in the capital, Harare.

The proposed cabinet amendments to a current criminal law will make illegal any cooperation with overseas government for self-gain or to inflict damage on Zimbabwe’s people and national interests, she said.

Individuals or groups who involve themselves in issues of foreign relations without verifying facts or engaging domestic authorities will be liable for prosecution, said Mutsvangwa.

The proposed law will also criminalise the staging of protests which coincide with the hosting of major international and continental events by the country. Making unsubstantiated claims of torture and abductions will also be illegal.

Zimbabwe has often labeled government critics as agents acting at the behest of foreign powers. In July, the southern African nation accused the US of interfering with its internal affairs after journalist Hopewell Chin’ono was arrested, in a further souring of relations between the two nations.

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ZANU PF moving to the paranoid stage. When will the good people of Zimbabwe say enough-is-enough?

They won’t, Colson. The same way voters in SA will keep the ANC in power in exchange for a yellow T shirt.

That ubiquitous yellow ANC T-shirt, with the words “LET’S GROW SOUTH AFRICA TOGETHER”, refers:

Recently I saw again a misled individual wearing such shirt, and almost came to the point of asking the wearer “With SA’s continued economic DECLINE over the past number of years, where is the “growth” the ANC is talking about??

T-shirt should’ve read: “Let’s destroy or loot SA together”

Back home I had some self introspection, thinking the slogan is in fact perfectly CORRECT:

Fact is, NEGATIVE growth is still “growth”. Just with a minus figure. (I profusely apologise to the ANC readers of MW.)

In the 80s ZANU terrorists were comfortable subverting and destroying Zimbabwe for ‘liberation’. Sponsored weapsons and training and actively coordinated with other nations but now can’t stomach its citizens from being displeased or protest against the ‘liberated’ regime.

What an oppressive regime.

I bet my bottom (Zim) dollar that citizens under the previous colonial Ian Smith rule, didn’t have it this bad back in the Rhodesian days? (I pose the question to older Zim generation that lived through it, as the bulk of current-day Zim citizens are children & have no comparative frame of reference)

It shows you how African citizens are held “the promise” of prosperity, in return for a vote ( that the party in power can steal) with a later generation bearing the cost.

So I say: “Good day to you, my later generation Zimbabweans. How are you enjoying bearing the cost passed down by your elders?”

End of comments.





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