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Zimbabwe to complete land valuations in May to pay compensation

The southern African country has budgeted RTGS$53m this year as an interim compensation.

Zimbabwe plans to complete land valuations by the end of May to determine the level of compensation to be paid to former white commercial farmers who lost their properties during the government’s land reform programme.

“Given the significant progress made to date, it is anticipated that that this comprehensive farm improvements valuation exercise will be completed by end of May,” the government said in a statement on Sunday.

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“The completion of the work of the Ad Hoc Compensation Working Group will enable government and former farm owners, in conjunction with cooperating partners, to progress toward closure of the land issue,” according to the statement. The ad hoc group comprises government representatives and former property owners.

In 2000, the government seized farms belonging to mostly white owned farms and replaced them with black farmers, saying the move was meant to address colonial imbalances. The southern African country has budgeted RTGS$53 million this year as an interim compensation.

The Commercial Farmers Union and former owners, which are represented by two groupings called Compensation Committee and The Valuation Consortium, have said the RTGS$53m shouldn’t be distributed to a few but open to all farmers.

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And with what money are they going to pay this compensation? Zimbabwe don’t have any money.

They can pay with Zim dollars:
Times a 99999999999999999999999999 …

Too late, relook in a 100 years maybe.

They will pay with RTGS…not ZAR or USD! Since they control the database with RTGS transactions and balances it is easy as pie just to “create” 53M RTGS and add it to a farmer’s RTGS account. Ofcourse outside Zim nobody wants RTGS…thus they paid them effectively…nothing. Just a number on a database.

I believe Zimbabwe is quietly making a play for South Africa’s farmers. A smart move and soon they be exporting to … South Africa.

First Zanu-PF stole the land, and then they stole the purchasing power of the currency. Now we have a criminal government that offers to buy stolen land with fake currency in order to be able to borrow hard currency from the IMF. Why doesn’t the IMF just compensate the farmers directly and send the bill to Zanu-PF?

This clip about Zim is a trailer for the ANC horror movie that will be screened at a theatre near you in 5 years time.

Mr Sensei:

The other side of the debate is that the white farmers also stole the land form the Zim natives. If you will approach this matter form the 2 prospective you will never reach a solution.

At the end you end up with 2 group of people wanting to killing each other and both have a valid point. The the land not being use for its potential.

The land issue has given political parties more rubbish to talk about. Find a solution stick with it and lets move on.

Mr Dazee

Western societies are developed and relatively wealthy, with high standards of living for all their citizens because they respect the rule of law. The land belongs to the individual who bought it and holds the title deed. The only alternative to this system is the rule of man where the demagogue allocates property to his cronies. This is what happened in Zim and that is why Zimbabweans flee to South Africa.

Citizens flee from governments that give the property for free. They risk their lives to cross deserts and oceans to destinations where they have to work to buy property. It is clear throughout history that people flee from economic systems that do not respect the rule of law. You will get that farm for free, but you will die of hunger and curable disease on that farm.

EFF are campaigning for land expropriation *while* failed Zim is paying back expropriation after decade of economic failure.

The ignorance of the EFF voters is beyond me – this is the biggest problem in SA: ANC 25 years mismanagement has reared a HUGE young & uneducated population that cannot understand basic economic principles i.e. that socialism has failed around the world.

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