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Euro nations call for calm, restraint in Zimbabwe

Britain questions way forward.

Germany called for all sides to show restraint in Zimbabwe after the military seized power there early on Wednesday.

“We see developments there with concern … The situation there is confusing and unclear,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman told a regular government news conference in Berlin.

“Together with our European partners, we urge the actors to show restraint and above all not to exercise any violence,” the spokesman added. “A dialogue of the actors is needed to avoid a confrontation and to come to a peaceful solution.”

Britain says hard to say how things will turn out

Britain said on Wednesday the situation in Zimbabwe was fluid and that it was hard to say how it would turn out, appealing for all sides in the former British colony to refrain from violence.

Zimbabwe’s military seized gave assurances on national television on Wednesday that the 93-year-old leader and his family were “safe and sound”.

“It’s very fluid and it’s hard to say exactly how this will turn out,” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said. “The most important point to make is that everybody wants to see a stable and successful Zimbabwe and I think we are really appealing for everybody to refrain from violence.” 

France calls for peaceful solution

France said it was closely following events in Zimbabwe and stressed respect for constitutional law.

“We reiterate our attachment to constitutional law and respect of the legitimate aspirations of the Zimbabwean people,” French foreign ministry spokeswoman, Agnes Romatet-Espagne said during a daily media briefing.

“We encourage all parties to find a peaceful solution within this framework and without violence.”

It is not clear whether the apparent military coup will bring a formal end to President Robert Mugabe’s rule. Zimbabwe’s military said the 93-year-old leader and his family were safe.

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