1 000 jobs cut at Tsogo Sun Hotels amid Covid-19 financial fallout

Group reports revenue plunge of R3.3bn and R177m full-year operating loss.
Tsogo Sun Hotel group's Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel with the Cullinan Hotel Cape Town on the right. Image Supplied

JSE-listed Tsogo Sun Hotels – South Africa’s largest hotel operator with 112 properties – slashed 1 000 staff members from its workforce last year amid the Covid-19 financial fallout.

The group’s CEO Marcel von Aulock confirmed the extent of the job cuts in an interview with Moneyweb on Thursday, following the release of its annual results for the year ended March 31, 2021.

Tsogo Sun Hotels, which was unbundled from Tsogo Sun Gaming in 2019, saw its overall hotel occupancies plummet to a record low of just 12% for the financial year.

This was largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with restrictions to travel, hotel operations and events. The group and most of its peers were forced to close the bulk of its hotels during the hard lockdown last year, but kept several hotels closed due to lack of demand even as restrictions were eased.

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Tsogo Sun Hotels reported a revenue plunge of just over R3.3 billion for its financial year, resulting in an operating loss of R177 million.

“We have never had such low hotel occupancy levels or seen a business environment like this …. This meant that we had no option but to restructure and ultimately cut around 1 000 staff [members],” says von Aulock.

“During the global financial crisis around 2008, we had occupancies of circa 50%. In the late 80s and early 90s during the height of apartheid sanctions, hotel occupancies may have hit 35%-40%. This gives you an idea of what a terrible year it was last year due to Covid-19,” he adds.

He says that while around 1 200 staff were retrenched during the year, the group taking on operations of a few Marriott-managed hotels (that were part of the Hospitality Property Fund portfolio) meant that it also took on around 200 staff members.

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“The job cuts were one of the hardest decisions we had to make. With most of our hotels closed for almost three months last year during the initial hard lockdowns, the first quarter of the group’s financial year was essentially a write-off,” says Von Aulock.

“We had to slash salaries by as much as 40% in all levels of the business, including executive level.”

“With Covid-19 continuing we had to cut staff and restructure the group, in addition to other cost-cutting and liquidity enhancing measures. Following the retrenchments, our workforce has been reduced to around 6 400,” he adds.

One of the other tough decisions was the sale of the group’s iconic Seychelles Maia Resort stake for R465 million, which brought in much-needed cash to bolster liquidity and even cut some of its debt in the face of the Covid-19 crunch.

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Hopefully Rammerposers 500 000 jobs promised will come soon ne !!

Indeed. Don’t forget he’s promised them R3 bill to start amongst others guest houses

Because of BEE, the tourists will flock in their droves to support them, tourists which will seemingly fall out of the sky

Iam shocked!

If they fly SAA then they will most definitely “fall out of the sky “

Meanwhile Civil SERVANTS want and will get increases , paid for by the newly unemployed !!!!

The Coronavirus Central Command Council should ask those thousand employees who lost their jobs, and the 100 thousand unemployed individuals whose opportunities were destroyed by lockdowns, how they feel about the “war” against covid. These innocent bystanders are the casualties in this senseless war that did not save one single life but destroyed many livelihoods.

The Members of the CCCC should stand trial for economic sabotage and psychological harassment.

My heart bleeds for the 1000 people who have lost their livelihoods. Sadly, the ANC doesn’t care about them and they have failed in creating jobs over the last thirty years. The ANC has their corrupt snout in the trough and can’t even see what destruction they cause. Probably now two generations of South Africans unable to find jobs and counting.

I agree, and my heart goes out to the group

They run a good operation. I thoroughly enjoy staying at their hotels

Lets hope the tide will change..Hoping for this useless corrupt Government, who’s own party is bankrupt, to come to the rescue, is like believing the Titanic is still afloat!

The ship has sunk and we the people of SA must come to the rescue…

At the polls

Government creating joblessness.
What have the government done about this whole covid thing ? Close bottlestores

Across a group this size limiting the layoffs to 1000 (average 9 per property) seems a pretty good effort to me – most of these are probably occupancy-related, such as housekeeping, and will come back in time. But layoffs at lower levels nearly always mean pension fund withdrawals, with longer-term effects that people never fully recover from.

End of comments.




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