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Bell Pottinger’s British business collapses after SA scandal

PR firm has been heavily financially impacted – BDO.

Bell Pottinger’s British arm collapsed on Tuesday after the global public relations agency’s clients deserted it over a racially-charged political campaign it ran in South Africa.

After working behind the scenes on some of the most defining moments in recent history, from the election of Margaret Thatcher to the death of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, Bell Pottinger crumpled following a scandal of its own making.

It entered a tailspin earlier this month after it was thrown out of an industry body for running a campaign in support of President Jacob Zuma, funded by the influential Gupta family, that sought to stir racial tension.

Bell Pottinger, which is based in London, has lost customers, partners and its second-biggest shareholder in recent weeks, prompting the UK company to be put into administration — a form of creditor protection — after failing to find a buyer.

“Following an immediate assessment of the financial position, the administrators have made a number of redundancies,” accountants BDO said on Tuesday.

“The administrators are now working with the remaining partners and employees to seek an orderly transfer of Bell Pottinger’s clients to other firms in order to protect and realise value for creditors,” BDO added.

No option after losses

Bell Pottinger apologised in July this year after an email published in South African media showed it had sought to stress the continued “existence of economic apartheid”.

With the inflammatory slogan “white monopoly capital” running on a Gupta-owned television channel, the country’s main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, complained that Bell Pottinger was seeking to “divide and conquer” the public.

The outcry led to the resignation of Bell Pottinger CEO James Henderson, also its biggest shareholder, while its second-biggest investor wrote off its stake. Clients such as global bank HSBC publicly distanced themselves from the firm.

BDO said none of Bell Pottinger’s subsidiaries outside the UK were in administration, and would continue to trade under the control of their separate management teams.

“Bell Pottinger has been heavily financially impacted by the well-publicised issues,” BDO said.

“Late last week, the level of those losses, compounded by the inability of the business to win new clients, was such that remaining management were left with no option but to commence the process to place all UK Bell Pottinger entities into administration,” it added. 


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If there was real justice, those responsible for incitement to commit genocide would be tried and convicted in a court of law but it seems as if the British can get away with it. They got away with inventing and implementing concentration camps, genocide, Blair escaped with committing crimes against peace (defined as participation in the planning and waging of a war of aggression) in Iraq and now we have incitement to genocide by BP the soon to be ex PR firm. The German high command was hanged for just this after WW2.

Why do they get away with it? For the same reason dogs lick their genit@lia. They can and nobody stops them.

SA,s Manyi is now a local media baron – strange he didn’t put in a bid to buy…

Closing it down is not good enough.

The directors must be prosecuted, pay up and go to jail!

“The times, they are changing” – Bob Dylan.
If one actively plots and devise the demise of another, beware of your own glass house coming to ruins – by me.

At least something happened. At least BP are “going down”. But nothing happens to the real culprits in S.A., those in high office who self enrich.
But its a start. And it happened quickly. Yet the politicos have been “at it” for over twenty years without being brought to justice (silly word to use!!).

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