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Big hike in DStv prices announced

Prices to increase by 8 to 10%.

The price of DStv’s most popular bouquets will rise by between 8% and 10% on April 1 2016, with parent MultiChoice blaming the sharp devaluation in the value of the rand over the past 12 months for the above-inflation increases.

TechCentral can reveal that DStv Premium, parent MultiChoice’s top-end bouquet, will rise in price from R699 to R759/month on April 1, an increase of 8.6%.

Premium subscribers with a personal video recorder (PVR) decoder must also pay an R85 access fee (up from R80 now), taking the total cost to R844/month. The fee gives subscribers access to an additional viewing environment in their homes as well as access to services such as DStv Catch Up, BoxOffice and DStv Now.

DStv Compact customers will see their subscription fees climb by 8.2%, while those on DStv Extra and DStv Family will have to fork out 8% and 10% more respectively from next month (see the table below for the full price adjustments).

Those on MultiChoice’s most basic bouquet, DStv EasyView, will see their subscriptions reduced from R39 to R29/month, a decline of more than 25%. The price of DStv Access, meanwhile, will remain unchanged at R99/month.


The few remaining subscribers on the M-Net terrestrial service will have to fork out more than 10% extra each month, with the fee rising to R369.

Decoder insurance fees remain unchanged.

In a letter being issued to customers today announcing the price increases, MultiChoice said: “We buy most of [our] fantastic content in foreign currency, and due to the depreciation of the rand by 29% since April 2015, our costs have gone up dramatically. Over the past five years, our adjustments have been in line with inflation. We’ve worked really hard to keep this year’s fees manageable.”

In an interview with TechCentral on Tuesday, MultiChoice South Africa chief operating officer Mark Rayner said that the company has been working hard to ensure price increases are kept in check as much as possible.

This has included not renewing certain sports rights, such as the Bundesliga.

“We are having to work very closely with content providers and channel partners to be canny with our spend and be more selective in some regards,” Rayner said. “We obviously want to ensure we still get the best programming we can, but it’s a case of being a little bit smarter.”

He said the company, which is owned by technology and media giant Naspers, has scrutinised all of its operational expenditure and worked closely with suppliers to keep cost increases to a minimum.

“We’ve taken great pain to keep the price increase at a reasonable level,” he said. “It’s interesting to see what Eskom and the medical aids are doing. We want to keep the impact on customers to as little as possible.”

This article was first published on TechCentral. To access it please click here.


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DsTv has to be one of the most incompetent companies around – the increases are to pay for their insanely repetitive self advertising. If I could switch to another provider who could give me cricket, rugby, athletics and tennis as sports channels I would switch in a heart beat we have all the sports channels blocked up with soccer,soccer and soccer – which I loathe. Business wise these guys are plonkers because they should have protected themselves with forward contracts against the depreciating Rand
Worthless organization, and more putridly run

You cannot protect yourself with forward contracts indefinitely.

Why not – if you had been a banker you would know this

Graham. Surely even a banker can work out that a forward contract has an expiry date.
Once the new contract is negotiated , if you applied your mind , you’d know that the risk profile of the commodity is taken into account and the vendor will therefore offer pricing over a FIXED period that may mitigate risk for you the purchaser , but at the same time allow profit taking for the seller.
There Graham. Clear ?

If you want to watch any sporting event, you will have to buy a DSTV package. This will include some sport channels but not any major sports! We contribute by way of taxes towards various sporting activities in South Africa yet we cannot watch them play without paying ridiculous amounts of money!?

I understand the fact that you have to pay to maintain the SABC, the equipment and jobs, but surely there has to be some sort of a basic right that a citizen should have that cannot afford pay TV to enable him/her to watch important international sporting events such as soccer and rugby and even tennis without paying ridiculous prices for it.

On DsTV you get different packages Compact etc., but one can only get the main sport channels if you buy the full package -This is SS1 (Supersport 1). This highlights another issue. Why buy Compact when you get all these bad channels? Why can the buyer of the channels not choose his/her own channels and have the right to review this package content whenever he/she deems fit to do it? I know for a fact that businesses can choose their own packages! I don’t want to watch the Home Channel or the Channel O just to mention but a few. Really? Who watches Telemudo, and 1 KZN .Why can’t you give me VH1 and cancel Channel O, MTV base on my package if I want that combination? Why can’t DSTV give its customers better packages or options to choose from? Besides this, the content of some of these DsTV channels are poor and very old (such as Who wants to be a Millionaire) and mainly consist of repeats. The best of all is that DsTV also tries to fool its viewers. A classic example is when a programme has been viewed on a specific channel say National Geographic for the n-th time only to go to another channel like BBC Knowledge or the History Channel as a new programme? I have seen this many times and am baffled by this practice. DsTV also suffers from the same mentality as the SABC when it comes to the re-screening old movies. TCM is a classic example; Ben Hur, North North West and Gone with the Wind have been repeated every 3 to 6 months for the past number of years. Then to crown it all, DsTV has now introduced a Box TV facility where the subscriber can pay an extra R25 to watch the latest movies. Why must I, as a full DsTV subscriber pay additional for this facility? The bottom line is that pay TV is taking their subscribers for a big ride

SABC has no proper, current local TV content! All I see is repeats of age old shows and soaps such as Agter Elke Man and on the other hand I don’t want to watch 7 de Laan and Isidingo!

I can understand them advertising (say) their premium offering on the lower price packages, and I managed to find out that it would be too arduous to alter their ads for different bouquets. No great desire for hard work, then!
What really irritates me is when they advertise their upcoming sports events. Up to yesterday (29/2) they were still telling us what sports would be shown in January and February. Brilliant!

1 – Here is a company that gives you a product that, by the sounds of it, you borderline cannot live without (the sport part). Without legislation they manage to establish a very dominant position (some might say monopoly, but again not legislated). And you label them incompotent? Wow, I would say it is very acute business sense. I mean, with all their “flaws” you just cannot leave.

2 – No they cannot hedge 2 far out. Between the forward points an reserve bank regulations, going beyond 12 months are tough.

My domestic worker will be pleased that her subscription is being reduced. With the money spent on converting to digital broadcasting the guavamint could just as well install satellite dishes for impoverished tv-owners.

I’m surprised by how many paying DSTV subscribers complain. As long as you pay you are a good customer – and nothing will change. Either pay and be quiet or get uncapped internet and use the money you save to attend some live sporting events.

Well if you just gotta have your sport (peuk on it) then you just gotta pay.

Thank goodness for the internet. No more of that moron brainrot on tv.

To be fair. Id rather have my own preferred brainrot i.e. science fiction soap opera 🙂

Seems a good time to cancel my premium subscription. I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed with paying good money to watch interminably long, repetitive adverts. Besides, the Rugby World Cup finished months ago.

Naspers is een van die rykste en een van die grootste maatskappye op die JSE, maar sien tog sy weg oop vir ‘n buitensporige verhoging! Dit is niks minder nie as uitbuiting van pensionarisse en ander gebruikers. Die verskillende opsies om van die kies is bloot ‘n verkoopsfoefie. Kies jy nie die premium opsie nie, moet jy maar tevrede wees met die krummels.

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