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Discovery will reward Vitality members for being fully vaccinated

Move follows mandate that all employees be vaccinated by January.
Residents wait in line to register at a Discovery mass vaccination site in Midrand. Image: Bloomberg

Discovery will give adult members of its Vitality behaviour change platform 2 500 points for being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 this year. The points will be awarded before the end of the year and members will receive further details next month. The move follows the announcement by Discovery Group CEO Adrian Gore last week that mandates vaccination for all employees by January.

Read: Discovery to require all employees to be vaccinated from January

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Discovery Vitality CEO Dinesh Govender says: “Given that vaccination is our best hope of beating the pandemic and restoring our national vitality and way of life, we need to encourage vaccination at scale.

“There is overwhelming proof that vaccination is the single most important thing we can do to protect ourselves and others against Covid-19. The pandemic has been deadly and a fourth wave is likely, yet the ability to suppress it remains within our control.”


“Based on our actuarial projections, over 30 000 lives could be saved if we are able to vaccinate the majority of our population over the coming months,” says Govender.

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“The data reflects the power of vaccination to save lives and reduce our healthcare burden: vaccination reduces infection and transmission risk by 50% to 80%, reduces hospitalisation risk by 60% to 90%, and reduces risk of death by over 90%.

“In fact, while your [unvaccinated] risk of death from Covid-19 is eight to 10 times higher than death from flu, once vaccinated, your risk of death from Covid-19 is lower than from flu.”

Discovery says this Vitality points allocation further reflects Discovery’s commitment to getting all South Africans vaccinated.

Points allocated automatically

The 2 500 points are (obviously) higher than the incentive for getting an annual flu vaccination (1 000 points) and are comparable to the points awarded for other health checks based on age and gender, including a pap smear, mammogram, colonoscopy or glaucoma screening.

“If members have already been vaccinated, there is nothing more they need to do – points will be automatically allocated before the end of the year,” says Govender.

He adds that the allocation of Vitality points – used to incentivise members towards positive behaviour change – is in line with Discovery’s shared-value business model.


Discovery is the first insurer to have offered an incentive for fully vaccinated life insurance clients.

It announced in July that being vaccinated against Covid-19 is “now an additional consideration in determining life insurance premiums and benefits for new clients”.

Discovery says “clients with new policies who indicate that they are unwilling to be vaccinated may, unfortunately, be subject to higher premiums due to the increased risk”.

“Refusal to be vaccinated is treated similarly to smoking or lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, which receive a higher premium. This premium may be adjusted should an unvaccinated client later decide to get vaccinated.”

By law, medical aid schemes cannot discriminate against members who are not vaccinated.

So-called risk profiling is not allowed by South African medical aid schemes. The only factors in determining contributions are the number of dependents to be covered or income (Discovery has lower-end KeyCare plans which have strict income limits).

This is why Discovery designed its Vitality programme to begin with. This is the only way it is able to incentivise clients through providing discounts, cashback – or both – on spend with its partners.

None of the other large life insurers, including Old Mutual, Liberty or Momentum, have announced any plans yet to change their rules for unvaccinated policyholders.

Sanlam announced yesterday it will implement “fair and appropriate increases in annually renewable group risk premiums” (some of these are already in place).

It added that it will “implement underwriting changes in the latter part of 2021, by following a risk-based approach that takes vaccination status into account for certain product lines for those clients with particular risk profiles”.

Simply put, life insurance clients who are not yet vaccinated will pay more.

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Using Israel as the example then the road ahead will be a killer and the virus will remain a threat.

Yip, you are going to have to swallow that pride and wear masks for a looong time boet.

lol, we don’t HAVE to do anything. especially anything that comes from you

You do and you are and you will. So much more meek in real life because you know those woolworths ladies will not let you in without one.

On the other hand if we take the same path that India has taken..

The dog and the bone system
You being Pavlov’s finest.

My comment was removed.

I will rewrite the nice part.

Employees and Clients must be feeling the sour taste.

the sour taste of being Coerced!

Can you say Momentum?

WHOEVER is writing these posts about Discovery together with moneyweb all they are doing is to try to pump Discovery share price every two other day. It sucks when JSE is being manipulated this way

Yeah, like you guys have enough money to influence anything.


Something tells me you have a short position on Discovery that has turned against you. I hope this is not the case. One of the biggest lessons I learned trading was to never take short positions no matter how bearish a stock / index looked.

Going long your theoretical maximum loss is 100% while the theoretical maximum gain is infinite. Going short your maximum gain is 100% while the theoretical maximum loss is infinite, off course most brokers won’t allow such a loss without a margin call or force closing the position.

Discoveries’ points incentives are just not worth the effort and the spend.

Whats happening in Israel?

Unleavened bread is selling like hot cakes

What IS happening in Israel? How about all the countries where vaccines have prevented Covid-related deaths for those vaccinated?

One of the most vaccinated countries on earth, rolling out booster shots to all, and yet they still have surging cases.

The same question is asked at the search result for : Covid el834862649 #4
along with the observation that they were on top things until the booster was rolled out. Now they have experienced their highest rate of cases they are on the banned list for travel to EU countries.

Greatest idea for a Netflix series … ship all anti-vaxxers to an island, inject a few of them with the virus and film it like a reality show. Then we’ll see who is the paranoid ones!! These people want to live in a bubble then they can do it on their own terms!!

Ha! It would be funny to see the wannabe farmers actually having to boer.

Give them access to horse de-wormer to spice things up.

Ha! And ample bleach and hydroxychloroquine and african potatoes and various other faith-based treatments that the folksy people go bananas (that was one of them lol) over.

Ivermectin is not a swear word. Only saved millions in India totally verifiable, but this is also blasphemy to the lobby.

You’re talking about shipping people off somewhere and you think you’re the virtuous one. Yikes.

Who said he felt virtuous? We are laughing. Look up the Herman Cain award. We are having a field day!

The UK average age of death by Covid is 83 which is one year more than the average age of death by all causes. This fact can be verified by official data. But even the official data is regarded as blasphemy by the lobby.

so you are saying the 70% coverage of vaccine is working! Great!

For the simple minds hereabouts, this means that all of the younger generations have more to fear from meteorites or adverse reactions.

That’s a lot higher the tea execs IQ.

“… most important thing we can do to protect ourselves and others against Covid-19. The pandemic has been deadly and a fourth wave is likely”

“.. most important thing we can do to protect ourselves and others against Covid-19. The pandemic has been deadly and a fourth wave is likely”

The so-called vaccine does not wipe out the virus, you can still get Covid and transmit it which means it will continue to mutate!!

So when will this end? If you are vaxxed, do you get a letter from the regime saying you can go back to normal? No, it won’t end

Another smoothie fanks Ades. If I get a double pfizer can I get a Nandos?

What happens when people fall ill get disabled or get a dreaded disease ?? What if they get the blood clots or Myocarditis?? I can see the class action lawsuit beginning now.

Strange how you aren’t as worried about the more probable actual debilitating dread disease that has no positive effects.

Is it because you are scared of needles?

I’ve had covid and have the antibodies. I have proved it with an antibody test. So i have the equivalent of the vaccine (which also wears off after 6-9months). What logic do you have to suggest I get treated differently by discovery? Hmmm

So it is the needles then

The dompas is back.

Interesting that people disparaging ‘horse paste’, with a 2015 Nobel prize, suggest an alternative that couldn’t pass animal trials.

yes, you get to be a victim too now!

Please, where is the proof that “vaccination reduces the transmission risk by 50% to 80%”?

that data is about 6-9months old. And it’s Pfizer’s data that Discovery have swallowed hook line and sinker. Discovery have bought the stock, now they have to roll it out, one way or another.

They have to use them before their expire !!!

Can i upload proof of my antibody test to show that I have the equivalent of vaccination and get the 2500 points? Or is the goal not antibodies, but medical technocracy and behavourial control?

don’t be silly, having antibodies with no vaccine means you lose points =)

Anti vaxxers are more dangerous than smokers in a public place. Why must they have the privilege to endanger other’s people life’s who? I cannot believe there is an argument about this.

Well done Discovery and your incentives are great!

never before have we criminalised the breathing of fresh air, or the spreading of a virus you don’t have or don’t know you have. why this one?

drama llama!

Trying to respond to the fascist but fashionable terminology is not exactly a level playing field. Far from it. I find it unimaginably offensive to be regarded as being against vaccination or being afraid of an injection. Just like all human beings I have been vaccinated many times and many times voluntarily. I am pro any genuine and valid vaccination. I can also think for myself thankyou, just like many of those that have a registerable IQ and have actually done their homework. Such obtuse hate speech is purposefully encouraged by the ethic-less (and far worse) media but any objection is deleted and is derided without allowing any hearing or, god forbid, an actual intellectual debate. To me that (this) is the hallmark of fear-based fascism.

Give me my 50% medical aid discount !!!

End of comments.





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