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Douglas Craigie Stevenson named Cell C CEO

News of his appointment comes as Cell C announces roaming agreement with rival MTN.

Cell C’s board has appointed Douglas Craigie Stevenson as its permanent CEO. Craigie Stevenson had been serving in act acting capacity for the past five months following the resignation of Jose Dos Santos in March.

“In the past five months, Douglas and his team has led the company to improved financial stability, sound business ethics and good governance, better operational performance, and has established a path to sustainability,” said Cell C chairman Kuben Pillay in a statement.

Craigie Stevenson joined Cell C as chief operating officer in October 2017 following the recapitalisation led by its largest shareholder, JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms.

He has 20 years of experience in the telecoms sector, having served in various senior positions across Africa, including South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. “He is well versed in challenging markets and implementation at various organisational levels, with a strong focus on strategic leadership and performance,” Cell C said.

Cell C deepens roaming deal with MTN

The financially strained telecommunications operator said on Wednesday that it has finalised a term sheet for a further national roaming agreement with rival MTN South Africa.

The new agreement is “mutually beneficial to both parties”, Cell C said. “Under the terms of the agreement, Cell C will be able to manage its network capacity requirements in a more scalable and cost-efficient manner.”

Cell C CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson said in a statement that the new agreements “lays the groundwork for a broader national roaming agreement, supporting the policy goals of avoiding network duplication and the burden on the environment, where shared infrastructure drives efficiencies in the delivery of services to consumers”.

He said the agreement with MTN is “in line” with Cell C’s promise to “drive efficiency throughout the business”.

Cell C and MTN signed a roaming agreement in November 2018, which saw the former move its roaming traffic from Vodacom. It also gave Cell C access to roaming 4G/LTE services for the first time.

“Led by Craigie Stevenson, the new Cell C management team has been actively pursuing the business priorities of recapitalising the business, managing value from the original roaming agreement with MTN, and optimising the revenue and usage from the network,” Cell said in the statement.


“We believe that this agreement brings us closer to strategically positioning Cell C to be a strong participant in the industry and establishes a path towards sustainability,” said Craigie Stevenson. “Execution will ensure that Cell C remains a sustainable and competitive player with improved network access and quality.”

He said the new deal “lays the foundation for Cell C for a quicker, more efficient and more cost-effective means to roll out future technologies, while ensuring the legacy services like 3G and 2G are suitably rationalised”.

Cell C said it has secured additional funding, too, and that a planned recapitalisation involving the Buffet Consortium, announced earlier this year, remains on track.  — (c) 2019 NewsCentral Media

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